5/28 No Lou

Lou Piniella chose not to meet with the media after Thursday’s game, a 2-1 loss to the Dodgers. It was the first time this season he’s done this. Part of the problem could have been his frustration over the lack of options he had. With Aramis Ramirez, Aaron Miles and Ryan Freel on the disabled list, the Cubs don’t have many choices at third.

We’ll have to wait until Friday to hear Piniella’s explanation for what happened in the eighth inning. The umpires felt Koyie Hill was in the game; Piniella apparently didn’t agree.

If the Cubs have to rely on Jake Fox at third, they could be in trouble. In fairness, Fox did handle a grounder hit to him in the ninth inning Thursday.

“It was nice to get the first one out of the way, Fox said. “My heart was pounding a little bit. Once I got that one out of the way, I felt my heart rate slow down a little bit. Hopefully, they have enough confidence to put me back out there.”

Some post-game notes:

* Derrek Lee has hit safely in eight of his last nine games, and was batting .412 in that stretch. Milton Bradley has reached base via a walk or hit in each of his last six games. Ryan Theriot is batting .448 in his last eight games.

* Randy Wells deserved better. He recorded his third straight quality start. He’s thrown six or more innings in each of his last three starts.

— Carrie Muskat


Fist, I must say that I don’t believe Fox is THE answer at third base but secondly I must disagree with Carrie’s statement that the Cubs could be in trouble if they rely on Fox at third base. If the Cubs must rely on Freel, Fontenot or even Scales at third base they are definatley in trouble with a huge lack of OFFENSE AND POWER, and will be just adequatley covered by their defensive skills. At least relying on Fox at third will help the GLARING NEED for offense and power and they would have to make up for any defensive liability. But Fox is the lesser of two evils, since when has defense been the culprit during the recent skid?
How did our defense lose the 2-1 game last night? How could we not scrape up 3 runs against a soft tossing lefty like Wolf? Maybe if Fox had 4 at bats instead of his two we may have put up a few more runs. I know he may have cost a few also if he played the whole game at third…WE DON’T KNOW YET…that’s the point. WE LOST ANYWAY. If Lou doesn’t take an “what do we have to lose” approach NOW, when will he? When Ramirez returns? Now is the time to TRY THE UNORTHODOX, not when there ARE NO HOLES TO FILL. Randy Wolf, soft tossing lefty…and Lou STILL starts Fontenot, a LEFT handed bat, IN A HUGE SLUMP. What’s with that? If there ever was a time to try Fox starting a game at third it was last night! Lou, stop drinking from the same cup as Hendry!!! It’s contageous!!

About 99.9% of Carrie’s blogs and comments are pointless, ignorant and fiction. The previous comment was right, the Cubs are NOT in trouble if they use Fox at 3B. For Carrie to even mention that is a very ignorant comment and shows her lack of knowledge about the Cubs players. The only person that has made more errors than Carrie this season, is Lou. Bottom line, it’s time for Lou to go. I bet we won’t see Carrie blog about that because that would actually be a good blog.

Randy Wells should be 4-0! If this team had ANY offense.. he would be. A 1.80 ERA deserves better than an 0-2 record in MLB for a starter!

pctaxservices@hotmail.com is right. You can’t put a game entirely on the shoulders of the pitcher. Somebody needs to hit the ball. It’s truly pitiful. Sad thing is if they can trade Lee they’ll probably have to package him with the likes of Wells. But hey, maybe Cleveland would be interested and we could get DeRosa back.

Wells and Lee for DeRo? I know you’re being sarcastic…
How about Lee, “Font the tot”, Freel and hell throw in Scales too for DeRo??? Ha! HENDRY FOR DERO!!!!!

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