5/29 Cubs sale update

Tribune Co. chairman Sam Zell says the sale of the Cubs to the Ricketts family is not a sure thing. In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Zell said: “We’ve made it very public that the Cubs don’t fit into the long-term picture of the Tribune. So if the Ricketts deal doesn’t get done, I’m sure there will be other ones.”

Zell told Bloomberg the credit market slump has contributed to the delay. “These are very difficult times,” he said. “These are difficult times to arrange financing.”

One of the issues still to be resolved is the value of the TV and radio contracts to broadcast Cubs games. The Ricketts family made a bid of about $900 million in January, and has raised $400 million by selling some of its shares in TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.

— Carrie Muskat


Great, everything about this historic franchise is now floundering. What’s hit gonna take? 90 million of us Cubs fans to pony up 10.00 each? Hey…..

Hey, times are hard. I don’t have an extra 500 million laying around. Check with Mark Cuban…..oh yea, that’s right, big Bud doesn’t want to compete against that kind of money.

joey.. we probably could run it better than the Tribune has the past 30 years.

This sale has dragged on WAY too long.. Padres got sold within months… this is ridiculous!

pctaxservices, I agree, we would do a better job both as General Managers and Field Managers. And it still hurts to criticize Lou because he started out so promising, making all the right moves with the wrong players Hendry handed him since day one. Somebody is out there right now thinking how can I say Hendry handed Lou the wrong players if we made it to the post season two years in a row.
Making it two years in a row is a testament to Lou not Hendry.
But now I’m afraid Lou is wearing thin and getting weary of the roster turn-over year after year with Hendry. After Lou is gone there will be plenty of candidates that would want to MANAGE THE CUBS but can you believe any manager would look forward to the defensively challenged, free swinging Soriano in left field for 5 MORE YEARS? Or the defensively challenged, hot-headed, injury prone Bradley in right field for 2 MORE YEARS? Or the Aging, slow D. Lee at first base for 1 MORE YEAR? Or even the mis-placed, not a center fielder, batter’s box bailing Fukodome in center field for ONE MORE YEAR? There is way too many players impeding the growth or acquistion of younger more talented players…thanks to Hendry. This team’s hands are tied because of what Hendry has done. I hope against hope he is fired before the July trade deadline so someone else can have chance of righting this listing ship if not for this year (I fear it’s too late) than the next few years to come.

All right you talked me into it. Where do I send my twenty bucks?

Awesom cubbeeblue…now that makes 40.00!

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