5/29 Quick hits

Last year, the bottom of the order gave the Cubs a boost. The sixth, seventh and eighth hitters haven’t contributed as much this season. “The injury to [Aramis] Ramirez makes us a little more vulnerable at the end,” Lou Piniella said. “If you just depend on one, two or three hitters to hit, you’re going to struggle. You need contributions.”

* With the Dodgers starting left-handers on Saturday and Sunday, will Jake Fox get a start?

“The problem with Fox is where do I put him?” Piniella said. “He’s out there working right now at third base. You saw the feed [Thursday] to the second baseman. I would love to get him in the lineup. The kid can swing the bat, I recognize that. Let’s just see what plays itself out. When Alan Trammell tells me he’s comfortable as the infield coach [having Fox at third], then I’ll be comfortable as the manager.”

* Alfonso Soriano’s left knee is sore.

“The trainer hasn’t told me he can’t play,” Piniella said. “Soriano is a tough kid and wants to play. If it persists, we might have to get him out of there for a few days.”

* With the off day Monday and Carlos Zambrano serving his suspension, the rotation for the upcoming series at Atlanta will be: Randy Wells on Tuesday, Ted Lilly on Wednesday, and Zambrano on Thursday.

“Wells has pitched excellent,” Piniella said of the rookie. “If he continues to pitch like that, he’ll win a lot of ballgames. The ratio of strikes to balls is good, he throws three different pitches over the plate. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way he’s performed.”

* Rich Harden was able to play catch again on Friday and is making progress. He’s on the disabled list with a mid back strain.

— Carrie Muskat


Oh my God Lou, THAT FEED last night!!! Yeah, we all saw that. That COST us the game..NOT. It’s not like Freel, Fontentot, Scales are the next coming of Mike Schmidt for crying out loud. Put the kid in, let him make his errors, he may learn on the job….what the heck do you have to lose?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!! This Hendry/Pinella run team is getting too loony. NOW all of a sudden you can’t start unless you are a good fielder??? Where was that reasoning when Hendry Almighty signed Soriano and Bradley????? At least Fox is healthy right now and wouldn’t need to rest the day after a night game like Bradley. If defense trumps offense I would love to see Johnson get the majority of starts in left field, he’s great defensivley, plays with intensity (correct, I do not think Soriano plays with intensity), puts the ball in play, works the count and has some power…hey Lou, explain why he only starts occassionly again???

Boy I have to agree with you on that. Johnson is one of the few players that you can really expect and count on to give it his all. He’s a reall spark-plug or pistol and we need someone or something to get this team going. I only wish we had more than him and Theriot to do the job.

Amen brother (sister?). Hey Lou, you saw scales DROP the ball in the ninth inning on what would have been the third out…didn’t you???? How about THAT? We all saw THAT.
What are you going to do NOW see, where’s yer moses NOW? The point is we all know you’re in a bind at third because of the Boy Blunder GM, so it’s a toss up….we’ll forgive you for trying Fox at third for a week or so, geez!!!

I agree – I think Fox might give a run a game at 3rd but get us 2 with his bat.

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