5/29 Soriano update

Alfonso Soriano admits he has a sore left knee, and that it will probably be three to four more days before he feels 100 percent. Soriano banged his knee against the wall April 23 at Wrigley Field when he was tracking Joey Votto’s home run. “It hasn’t been the same since,” Soriano said. “It’s getting better.” 

Lou Piniella said athletic trainer Mark O’Neal hasn’t told him that Soriano can’t play. He’ll take it day by day.

“Soriano is a tough kid and wants to play,” Piniella said. “If it persists, we might have to get him out of there for a few days.”

He went 1-for-4 on Friday, and is batting .253 overall. After hitting .290 with five homers and 11 RBIs in 14 games from May 2-19, he’s 5-for-36 in his last nine games.

— Carrie Muskat


what a diva

I think he has a strained batter’s eye too. how many times have you seen him swing on a slider 4 feet outside, not once, but two or three times in the same at bat? I could strike him out, he’s horrible. why is he batting leadoff if he won’t steal at all?

I hate to be critical, but imho AS sometimes plays with a sore left lobe as well.

The guy swings at pick off attempts – the least of his problems is a boo boo on his knee that Cubs fans can only use as an excuse for half of his 5-36 stretch.

Maybe he hurt his knee doing his little signature “Hop” while catching a ball. Sori really ought to think about doing whats best for the team………… and not himself. If I made 1/10th of what he does I wouldnt give a damn if they wanted me to bat 10th. id do it.. but thats me.

Ok fine. A.S has a sore wittle knee. Is that why he’s swinging at pitches that my seven year old knows not to swing at. I mean talk about doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results. And is that why he can’t field a ball without miss judging it or bobbling it not once not twice but three different times. If he’s that hurt then PULL HIM. Because he’s not helping the team. Z doesn’t lose his mind if A.S doesn’t have his head ****. Like lou said “the cubs goes as Alfonso goes,” and he’s suckin real bad.

Get off Soriano. Everybody has there slumps. Knee or whatever reason. My three year old can hit better. I can do better. Go to softball you people. Give him a few days break, and see what happens.

this sucks. why leave a comment with incompetant blog systems….

you guys are all critical of Soriano, and I agree he does swing at some bad pitches…but he can carry the cubs for weeks at a time by hitting a home run in almost every game. Then we all praise him like usual. We just have to accept he isn’t albert pujols and won’t carry the team the whole year. But he will carry us for a good chunk of the year.

I cant praise Soriano. I have never ever liked the guy. Even back to his Yankee days. Even back then he was not a team player. He was a hot dog. Yes he does get hot once in a while. But where is he when the team needs him? Instead of busting one out onto Waveland with 2 on and us behind by a run, he swings at a pitch 12 inches outside the box and down in the dirt. It was thrown there on purpose because the rest of the league knows he will swing at it. But wait until next game, he will lead off the game with a massive solo shot to put us ahead by 1 run which in this day and age, doesnt matter. I thought he was a bad signing at the time and I still think he is. We are stuck with him now because no one wants his contract. He was nothing but a publicity signing by Jim Hendry to hype up the 100 yr anniversary. I really hate to be so negative about my Cubbies, but im not finding much to be positive about with this years team. Hendry didnt address the real issues during the off season and now its the same old stuff over and over again. I hope they let Fox and Haufpaiur play. They appear to want to.

Hey Jess, don’t include me in the “all” when you claim we “all” will praise him as usual when he carries the team for WEEKS AT A TIME, I simply refuse to PRAISE Soriano.
Thanks, but I’ll reserve my praise for players that SHOW UP like Theriot and Johnson. Wow, wouldn’t every team want a player that can occassionally carry them for a FEW WEEKS?
Awesome concept, let’s just sign players (or trade for them) that only show up every so often to carry the team with his bat only and then the rest of the season NOT get on base like a leadoff hitter should, NOT play good defense, NOT steal bases, NOT stay healthy, NOT hustle to second on deep flyballs that only MAY be homeruns therby turning doubles into singles, NOT take balls in the dirt and get a WALK when practically handed to you by the pitcher…………. but wait! That’s what Hendry DOES.

ty4string@yahoo.com what you said doesn’t even make sense. Yeah, why leave a comment on a blog that no one can understand? 1st you say get off his back, then you tell us you daughter plays better softball. Who cares? We know this. My dog can catch and throw better than Soto can right now, SO WHAT? Jazzyman’s right, there’s not much to be happy about with this team. When is that trade deadline? Let’s get crackin’ and clean house. First to go: Hendry. If not, he’ll just trade the poor players for worse ones. I say we leave Theriot alone, but play Johnson, Fox, Hoff-power, Scales, Hill, and grab a couple of those kids from outside the park to help Johnson in the outfield.

Cubs@Braves after last night i told my wife we were not going to the game,wondering what we would do with the ducats we had living only one hour south of the ball park, i tried to give them to a couple homeless ppl, they would not even take them!!!!!!!! Cry all you want about that no hitting AS, or the cry baby Big Z, until they get rid of PEENELA nothing is going to change, he has totlally lost his game, i wanted Joe in the first place and settled for this bum! He has no cllue what he is doing go back to Flawda Lou and make room for Ryno, give us hope and a chance,5-0 and frigging lose,on second thought that would be close to water boarding(boohoo terroist) give those tickest to homeless!!! i will go to the game wed 3 just to start the RYNO SANBERG CHANT!!! GO RAYS!!!! 48 year cub fan as jumped the ship, i cant stand it any more!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, kingtut yer killin’ me! I too have just about had it with Lou. I give him all the credit in the world for dealing with Hendry’s mess HIS FIRST TWO SEASONS…but this year he has blown a gasket big time. I’m sick of complacent line ups as much as I am sick of Hendry’s incesive rantings about how he “let” Wood go for the sake of his family’s security and sick to my stomach how he justifies time and time again trading DeRosa in order to free up salary for a left handed bat in BRADLEY, who isn’t even as good a left handed hitter as he is a right handed hitter??? Not to mention Miles Tonowhere, Freel Mypain, Heilman Mayonaise,
among some others I’m sure I’m excluding but no doubt will get a little help from my Hendry hating fan club alumni…I KNOW you’re out there!!! C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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