Drink up

When the Cubs return to Wrigley Field on June 12 after their upcoming three-city, nine-game trip, the old drinking fountain will be back in the dugout. The Gatorade dispenser was expected to be pulled. The orange cover of the dispenser, new this year, has been punched by Ryan Dempster and bashed by Carlos Zambrano, who took a bat to it last Wednesday. It also has a large hole on the side. Micah Hoffpauir joked with the repairman last week that he should be put on a full year retainer.

“I like the cooler,” shortstop Ryan Theriot said, upset that it was being pulled. “Me and the cooler have a good relationship. It’ll be tough for me to let the cooler go.”

— Carrie Muskat


they should donate it to some underpriveleged school, little league, or softball program.

We should check to see what Lou is drinking. What did Wells do to warrant being taken out? Was it pitch count? No. Was it ineffectivness? No. Someone tell me.

I don’t know either hartjames1951, maybe because Wells is too old to go 8 innings? No, he’s a young guy, maybe Lou has finally crossed the line of insanity??? Too many years working with Hendry and his inept acquistions?
Whatever, last night’s game sealed the deal for me and I would be more excited about this team if it were to undergo a complete re-work. It IS time to back up the truck, run over Hendry, load up the underacheiving players he acquired and start with some fresh, young talent and let them get experience, let them get better, let them gel.
Bradley: 3 year deal=MISTAKE.
Soriano: 8 year deal=MISTAKE.
Fukodome: 3 year deal=MISTAKE.
Zambrano: 4 year deal (5?)=MISTAKE.
DeRosa leaving:=MISTAKE.

Gotta love the cooler, its been through some abuse!

Jenna (Thunder)

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