5/31 Postgame notes

Lou Piniella was surprised when home plate umpire Rob Drake issued a warning to both benches after Carlos Marmol hit pinch-hitter Brad Ausmus in the eighth inning.

“I don’t know where that came from, to be honest with you,” Piniella said.

* Geovany Soto went 1-for-4 and is batting .216. The Dodgers also stole two bases against the Cubs catcher. “The throwing is concerning me,” Piniella said. “He’s been working with [coach Matt] Sinatro but we’ve got to throw some people out to help our pitching.”

* The Cubs are 9-14 so far on the road, and begin a nine-game, three-city tour on Tuesday in Atlanta. “The last time we were on the road we didn’t play well and we have to step it up here,” Piniella said.

* On Sunday, the Cubs gave up five runs in the first, the first time they’ve done that since serving up five to the Cardinals in a 12-6 loss last Sept. 19 in St. Louis.

* Give the bullpen some credit. Five relievers combined to throw 4 2/3 scoreless innings. That extends their scoreless streak to a season-high 15 1/3 innings.

— Carrie Muskat


Let’s see if Lou plays the ‘hot hand’ and lets Johnson play more regularly. I’ve said it many times before and I hope now you all agree that Johnson is a spark that this team really needs. He was the only bright spot yesterday (okay the bull-pen did its job). Forget about all this lefty/righty bull and play the guys that are hitting the ball.

Lee continues to hit nothing but warning track fly balls and the longer we hold onto him, the harder it will be to get anything good for him. Somebody’s gotta work with Geo before he gets washed up and is found on some beach somewhere during the all-star break. Maybe Frank Sinatra would be more helpful (a tip to you, fish!) A little help, please!

Thanks for the tip cubbeeblue…once AGAIN…you are correct in your astute observation regarding Johnson and reminding Lou and all fans that are starting to lose track of what Lou has proclaimed in the past that he must play hot hands with this type of roster. There is no lock player to be guaranteed a “starting” job on this team, I’m talking positon players. The righty/lefty experiment meaning replacing righty hitting DeRosa (and his 2008 SUPERIOR numbers to Bradley’s) with switch hitting (a better RIGHT HANDED HITTER ANYWAY) Bradley can now be deemed a falure of almost epic proportions. I would rather have an all righty COMPETANT hitting line-up such as Johnson etal than a Jim Hendry fanatasy lefty hitting lineup that is all or nothing at the plate. If Johnson faces a tough right handed pitcher he will still CONTRIBUTE by walking, bunting, sacrificing etc. and WHO’S to say good right handed bats can’t hit good right handed pitching? Hendry? (start laughing). let the mantra continue!! HENDRY MUST GO.

Hoffpower….geez…it’s as if I wrote your comment MYSELF.
You nailed it. Maybe the “Moron” thought he was trading for Heilman’s mayonaise but was FLEECED by NY when they snuck in ARON Heilman instead??? I can only believe Hendry’s mind was on making a sandwich rather than making a trade….? In fact, wouldn’t we be better off if we just tee’d up the ball on a jar of mayonaise? That might be tougher to hit than a pitced ball from Heilman.

Too bad the bullpen couldn’t hold it for Wells. The man finally gets some run support and puts together six no-hit innings and Marmol and Gregg (who seem to be the tag-team of defeat for Wells) screw it up for him.

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