We Believe, the movie

It isn’t often you see Ernie Banks, Hugh Hefner, Jeff Garlin, Kerry Wood, Mayor Daley, Buddy Guy, Lou Piniella, Ryne Sandberg, and Francis Cardinal George, the archbishop of Chicago, together. They’re all in “We Believe,” and if you’re a loyal Cubs fan, you will appreciate this documentary. The movie will have its Chicago premiere June 12, plus a special showing to the public that night (more on that later).

The film focuses on the powerful relationship between the Cubs, the city of Chicago, and its fans. The crew followed the ballclub last season, the 100th anniversary since the team last won the World Series. Key players from the 2008 team such as Wood, Ryan Theriot, Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa, Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster and Geovany Soto are all profiled. If you were a fan of Wood or DeRosa, you will miss them even more after seeing this.

There’s the usual discussion about the billy goat curse as well as “Cubby occurrences,” one of Piniella’s phrases. But the film intertwines the Cubs themselves with a history lesson on the ballclub and the city. That may sound dry, but it isn’t — the filmmakers have some unique video, including the earliest known footage of a Cubs game from 1909.

There’s a cool segment on musician Steve Goodman, and the “Go Cubs Go” song. Wood admits he didn’t like it at first, but then found himself humming the tune. The soundtrack is varied and a perfect fit, naturally including Frank Sinatra singing “My Kind of Town.” Among others interviewed are Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Costas, actor Dennis Franz, and George Will.

One of my favorite times at Wrigley Field is early, before anyone arrives, and that was beautifully captured in the film, as well as the loud, enthusiastic devotion by generations of Cubs fans. The city sparkles in this movie.

OK, premier info: There will be a public showing June 12 at 10:30 p.m. CT at the Chicago Theatre. Tickets are limited, and are available at the movie website, webelievethemovie.com, as well as the theater itself, and Ticketmaster. Part of the proceeds will go to Derrek Lee’s Project 3000.

Director John Scheinfeld has been adding interviews as recently as last month (Daley was a late add, for example). The plan is for the movie to be distributed in theaters sometime in July, although exactly where has yet to be determined. They are hoping for a national release. There will be a DVD as well later this summer. We’ll keep you posted.

— Carrie Muskat


I and every other cub fan has seen enough of GREG, get rid of him, he is absolutely horrible! That was a meat ball for a two-run homer and now a good pitched game by Well’s is wasted! I’m trying to be nice and keep it cool, but I’ve seen to much of this crap!

we believe what? that we suck? that randy wells would have 3-4 wins on a decent team? that we (the fans) come back every year for what, the same result – another year of no world series? when a team cannot hold a 5 run lead with 6 outs to go, there are some serious issues there. i have had it up to here with this team. i know its only one game, but they suck because losing games like this, games you should not lose, is becoming a reoccurring theme. we have some serious problems with this team.

Tee to Green the Cubs had it working tonight. Then they 5 putted the 18th green. The pressure of having to win a baseball game not only for yourself, your teammates, 70% of a city, fans worldwide, but there is also the pressure of the now 101 years is taking its toll. The adrenaline and excitement that once motivated these players to rise above their potential and play authentic baseball has now turned to fear, anxiety and tentative. You can see in specific plays that the Cubs are going through the motions in hopes that their natural ability will take them back to the playoffs and hopefully a World Series. For the North Siders that is not enough. If the goals of these players are to try their best, then we will always be an average team. It is only when there is a commonly agreed upon vision and commitment to something greater than yourself that a World Series will be won by the Cubs. It is embarrassingly sad that so much time has passed since the Chamionship was taken by the Cubs, but if we continue to execute and expect the same thing, we are going to get the same result…

Maybe some of you saw a recent entry of mine about how the Major League team and their farm teams mirror each other. Saturday Iowa had a two-run lead with two outs and none on for the Redbirds in the last inning and blew it. Today, well, y’all feel as well as I how painful it was. You know, it takes a lot of mistakes to lose a game like that. A non-mistake was the home run to Anderson. With a five-run lead, a smart pitcher will see how far you can hit it, as opposed to fooling around, getting behind, and walking people. Mistakes: 1. Theriot throws low on a routine play. 2. Lee doesn’t come up with it (and gets the error). 3. The move that actually killed us was that Lou took Wells out of the game. Why? He was throwing fine, and if the error hadn’t occurred, there’s no way he was gone. Lou’s worst mistake of the year, and I don’t think I’ve noticed any other major ones. 4. Marmol has next to no control and hands the Braves two runs. 5. Gregg commits a cardinal sin by throwing not one, but two pitches for Francoeur to pull late in a close game. He got away with one, not the second. Don’t get me wrong, Francoeur’s strong enough to hit it out to right; but if he does, you tip your hat and say you beat me this time, buddy. I saw no major mistakes after that; but, of course, most of us never liked Heilman before he joined us or after. We did well to keep it going as long as we did with Bradley out, Lee iffy, etc.

Ever since I was a little boy I have been a Cubbies fan and for some strange but yet proud reason I have passed the burden along to my wife and children. Year after year it feels as if we are all tortured in some way just by hoping for a chance at a world series title. The Cubs will never compete for a world series until we get someone in the front office that will recognise that you do not trade away a player like Derosa who single handidly drove in half the runs last year, not to mention the numerous positions he filled in for. On top of that you get rid of our star closer (Woody) and the most recognised player for a true cubs fan since Sandberg. We can only hope for history to repeat …Bring back Sandberg, Dunston, Dawson and Sutcliffe or better yet trade Lee and let Hauff play first and resign Derosa. If any one can figure it out I guess Lou might and if he cant then lets try bringing in Bob Knight just for motivational purposes, I bet he would love to tear into someone for giving up a 5 run lead ….Cubs fan for life…

I agree with all of the recent comments about the group effort of blowing Wells’ outstanding effort. In a year of politics, I’d love to see Mr Hendry publicly stating and admit EVERY move he made this off season was wrong and he should apologize, and then get it right by just removing Gregg and Bradley. Trade for DeRo or Matt Halliday. (and don’t remind us that Raul Ibanez was sitting around). Don’t let Miles or Heilman come back, or just to get their travel bags. My Lord, this off season has to be perhaps the worst in recent history. Makes you wonder if off season card games were won by, well the Cards! And the Cubs brass was forced to ruin a good thing. A Marlins fan remarked on Cubs site in Spring Training, “good luck with Gregg” –man, this guy looks like he should be selling Bibles since every pitch is thrown with a prayer. If all of us unpaid fans find these moves to be nightmarish, or perhaps just misinformed, and did not trust them when they happened. Wow, well, please Mr Hendry, I hope someone in your staff reads this and just admits to error so we can have a season. Or maybe all they need is an exorcism. Sounds familiar once again.

I think Jim Hendry should be fired. Every move he made this year has blown up in his face. The farm system stinks. Except for Vitters, they have nothing to show for it. He probably will trade him anyway in a package for Peavy or somebody else. But everything is OK. Lets see a movie about the passion of the Cub fans. Who cares! Why 40,000 lemmings continue to show up for this team is beyond me. Based on the way they play, they should be lucky to get 15,000 a game. The owners are laughing all the way to the bank. New York would not tolerate this, but hey, these are the lovable Cubbies! What a joke.

Amen to all my fellow Cubs fans, you really made it clear, what I have been calling for all year…HENDRY MUST GO.
Sure it would be nice if he admitted his mistakes and THEN LEFT, but who cares? AS LONG AS HE LEAVES. The next GM has quite a challenge with what to do with all the Hendry leftover, long contract MISTAKES. Now, Hendry will probably have to “re-too” yet AGAIN, and now cry that his hands were tied because of the sale of the team thus deflecting the scrutiny of HIS previous HORRENDOUS moves.

I agree with a lot of these comments. I don’t understand why a team that has played so well for two years with a real shot to take everything was changed so much. It makes me so angry! DeRosa and Wood should never have been traded and why we went for Bradley I’ll never know. I understand the need for left hand bats, but we had some of those and we were doing just fine with them. Heilman sucks and why we keep him, I do not know. Marmol was better last year and Greg can go back to the Marlins for all I care. They took a great team and split them apart to make crap. Hendry made some very stupid moves and our team is taking the hit for it. I like Fontenot, I think he should get a chance to play, but DeRosa was like the leader of the team and without him, we fail miserably. Wells deserved the win and would have had it if Piniella hadn’t been stupid and pulled him, for what?! There was no reason to remove him from the game. He was pitching just fine and would have gotten out of that inning with either no runs or one. He deserved to try. I don’t think Piniella is doing a good job of managing this year, either. We need a new GM for sure and I feel bad for whoever it is because they are walking in to a mess. But, I’m a long time Cubs fan and will remain no matter what. Go Cubs Go!

First off let me say that I agree the Jim Hendry made some of the worst moves ever in the off season. The bull pen sucks and most of the players are playing like crap, but it is only June and we are only 4 games back. I still believe and I will always believe.

I’m a die Hard cubs fan, but this is just getting ridiculous! Honestly in my opinion.. yes, we got to get rid of Gregg- this guy is just terrible! At the same time we got: Soriano, Lee, Bradley, Soto, Miles, Mikey, and dont even get me started about the bullpen ALL UNDER PERFORMING!! Solution: Yes we can make trades left and right and let Jim Hendry make more mistakes, but we need to Fire Lou! YES, FIRE LOU!! The guy does not have it anymore! I’m not saying he doesn’t care..But, he Doesn’t Show it! Being a Manager: you need to be a leader and lead the team to success- thats it! But he has not done that. Where’s the Explosion in Lou? Where’s the ejections? Where’s the sense of Urgency? We can see that he doesnt have it and now its getting into the ball club. Lou stop with your anologies with “BURGERS” and step up!

This team is going to drive me nuts. Marmol is wild,Gregg can’t get my mom out,and she’s dead.Thank God Cotts got sent down.Wells has pitched great but Hendry will trade him for some piece of crap.Lee acts like he don’t care. Maybe Ricketts is praying that he can’t get the money to buy the team.

Does ANYBODY in this organization have the stones to do what’s needed? Fire both Lou AND Hendry, bring in Ryno to manage, mix in some of the youth from the minors and most importantly bring in a COMPETANT GM to SOMEHOW unload the “talent” Henry brought in, take some payroll on the chin (THANKS FOR THAT, HENDRY) and come up with a decent 3-5 year PLAN for once in a friggin’ lifetime!!!
I’d like to see Brenly considered for the GM, I think he brings up some interesting ideas (like why HASN’T fox been playing third base since THE DAY WE LOST RAMIREZ in order to get SOME experience BEFORE being called up?) and former catchers have a good idea of the guts and glory needed to bring a winner. What ARE Hendry’s credentials?
Does anybody know what BASBALL/SCOUTING/TALENT EVALUATION experience he has? He just a college educated “guesser”? If he has ANY baseball experience it sure is lost on me.

I think Randy Wells is fantastic. He pitches with so much confidence. I cannot believe Gregg. He is absolutely horrible. I kind of feel bad for the guy, and what he must go through everyday to know he has to pitch the next game. Marmol isn’t much better, but excuses keep being made for the man. Dempster, well, I will never understand that one. Lou is a huge disappointment. Especially when I watch the other managers. I don’t kow much about Ryne Sandburg because I am only a 6-year Cubs fan, but from what I’ve heard, he should be our manager. The guys need some young blood with energy and someone to set an example and look up to!

Zambrano is in trouble with Cubs management… again … and his teammates rather than Major League Baseball this time because he blew off the team flight to Atlanta on Monday without permission. It was not known what his reason was for missing the departure.

Oh really?? The Cubs blew a kid’s gem, a 5-0 lead with six outs to go, Milton is going Milton again, there’s about $40 Million on the DL and Big Z is acting like a child. So, what’s new?

Lou needs to get his house in order. He better start taking charge of the asylum or we’re gonna go from 4 out to 24 out by September.

If that looks like the direction we’re headed, look for the Cubs to start dumping salary. I’d start with Zambrano. Then Lee, and any package must contain Gregg and Heilman.

Someone still needs to explain to me just exactly why, after winning two consecutive division championships, one season with 97 wins, we needed to OVERHAUL THE BULLPEN.

While I’m at it, …………..I won’t say it. No, I won’t say it……………



There, I said it.

This team blows! Would somebody tell me why myself and a lot of other cubs fans keep coming back for more of this crap!

straying slightly off topic from the rest of these comments, but……

any chance of this movie comin’ over to California? or do i have to wait for the dvd to come out to see it?

….whataya know, Gregg didn’t blow it tonight

dont stop believing….its gonna happen…(maybe not this year)

quit hatin’! I have been a Cubs fan for 40 years. My first game was at age 5. The Cubs are injured right now and are often slow starters. I have always had faith in the Cubs, give them some time already, if not get off the bandwagon! GO CUBS!!!!

Note to California movie goer, Brian: They have not finalized distribution plans yet. We’ll let you know as soon as something is announced.

sportzfan63, you get off the band wagon and make room for more of us Cubs fans that will hold the organization accountable instead of continuing a blind faith. This isn’t a deity or a religion, faith can go only go so far, once the MANAGEMENT has proven itself INNEFFECTIVE AND INEPT I think we’re entitled to lose faith and ramp up the accountability. The injuries you refer to were brought upon this team by your FAITHFUL leader Hendry, except of course Ramirez’s injury, but I’m talking about Hendry ACQUIRING players that are DUE for an injury proven by their history (Bradley) or age (Freel). How can you expect us to buy your “keep the faith/injury” excuse when Hendry
keeps pulling moves like he has this off-season. Bandwagon
my ***! It will be the demanding, intelligent Cubs’ FANS that may very well get the team to a world series by making it known WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION, not PRAYING.
Thanks, but I’ll reserve my faith for my savior not MY BELOVED BALL CLUB. It’s a GAME, a BUSINESS and an ORGANIZATION that should have no excuses for the mess they are in. You think Lou has “FAITH” in the roster Hendry gave him? If so, then he has to go as well as Hendry.

sportzfan63@yahoo.com – there is no Bandwagon. We are what we are and that is true blue-blooded Cubs fans. Being such we don’t jump on or off bandwagons willie-nillie – that’s called a White Sox fan. Being a true Cubs fan means being able to honestly see and discuss problems imbedded with the team (Hendry and his pig-headed moves). As for believing and keeping the faith even the Church needs to let the light in and allow us to question It.

90% of players who come to play for the Cubs admire the fans because we are the most intelligent, hard-working, knowledgeable fans in baseball (maybe their just trying to get on our good side and gain our good graces, but I believe they are being honest). Those who don’t admit it are usually the ones suffering our wrath. Sometimes a true fan is one who can admit faults. Honesty is the best policy and sometimes it’s gonna hurt. Read: we feel bad for the Lee family and the struggles for his daughter, but he’s not playing to potential and thus should be traded for someone who can along with all the bums Hendry signed. I hate it when people question our truthfulness as a lack of loyalty. I haven’t seen anyone post that they’re gonna start rooting for the Cards or any other team for that matter. We just want to win. So stop being a baby and be honest.

Hey, California guy – thanks for your question…now we know Carrie actually reads our comments.

Thanks for the update. I was at the last Cubs Convention where they showed a sneak peek and it’s going to be awesome!!!

Look at it this way, the 1908 Cubs WS ring is worth more than any other WS ring out there

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