99 and counting

With a win on Thursday against the Braves, Carlos Zambrano will become the 21st pitcher in franchise history to win 100 games, and the fourth to do so in the last 50 years.

Fergie Jenkins (167 wins from 1966-73, 1982-83), Rick Reuschel (135 wins with the Cubs from 1972-81, 1983-84) and Greg Maddux (133 wins from 1986-92, 2004-06) are the only pitchers in the last 50 years to collect 100 wins with the team.

Zambrano, making his first start after serving a six-game suspension, has notched 94 of his 99 wins since the start of the 2003 season. Remember his first win? It was Sept. 21, 2001, against Houston.

— Carrie Muskat


I see the Braves snagged Nate McLouth from the Pirates for meat. Maybe that makes Freddy Sanchez available too. He’s the last Cub killer left on the Pirates other than Zack Duke. Hey!! Hendry!! Tom Glavine’s available. Just a thought. We need another soft tossing lefty to serve up huge bombs to Carlos Lee, Miguel Tejada and Albert Pujols. The fans on Waveland have been complaining about the lack of souveniers since they added to the bleachers and ….Lee and Soto started going to right….Oh, wait….

So, tonight big Z starts against Altanta. I’ll bet he walks the first hitter. I’ll also bet that Chipper Jones hurts us again. There wasn’t a base open or anything last night…Oh wait…yes there was. But what do I know. I don’t get paid to manage the team.

What do you want to be those minor leaguers Atlanta gave up to the Pirates do a million times better that the ones we got for DeRosa?

Yea, Nate McClouth, YOUNG AND TALENTED, not good enough for Hendry because he’s not “an experienced” major leaguer with health issues, or an UNEQUALED Japanes player. McClouth one day will be a Cub…when he is 39 years old and Hendry Jr. is the GM!!

What we really need is another guy like Ryan Freel….He’s a real gamer. A one gamer that is. Runs the bases and pulls a hamstring. He and Milton Brokely must have the same personal trainer.

WTF was Hendry thinking? I know, he’s chasing it. Like a gambler who’s down big and the casino’s about to toss him out. If the Pirates were willing to shuffle McLouth this early, there has to be other teams who know their prospects are dim and willing to part with talent too.

It doesn’t matter how much talent is available, Hendry wouldn’t recognize it if it FRENCH KISSED him. And remember, what can he do? POOR Hendry, his “hands are tied” because of the impending sale of the Cubs, he can’t help it, it’s not HIS fault, he had a gun to his head when he signed Bradley, Miles, Freel, Heilman, Gregg…
I’m sick of hearing and reading about how Hendry is in a tough spot because of the sale. Pathetic.

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