6/9 Roster move

Jake Fox will be headed back to Triple-A Iowa to make room on the 25-man roster for infielder Aaron Miles, who will be activated from the disabled list on Wednesday. Fox was 5-for-12 (.417) with the big league team, including a pinch-hit double on Tuesday in the Cubs’ 7-1 win over the Astros.

— Carrie Muskat


The Cubs just sent the player with the highest batting average to the minors. They could have used him to PH.

Perfect Cub logic. Take the hottest hitter in profesional baseball, bring him up then sit him down. Brilliant! The “no glove” knock on Jake is garbage but with any luck the kid will be traded and the Cubd can continue their 100 plus years of futitlity.

Fantastic.. another mendoza line hitting player back on the Cubs and send down the man with some hitting ability! Typical Cubs organization move.

Who scouted Fox to begin with? Did he/she notice his “horrendous” fielding skills THEN? Do the Cubs scout guys that belong in the American league just to screw with them later? A team in NEED of offense can’t find a place for this kid who is the most productive hitter in all of professional baseball? And now to keep Miles instead of Fox is just a blatant admission of Hendry’s major screw-ups.
He fills the roster with so many over-paid “major leaguers” he embarrasses himself and the organization by not being able to promote THE FEW players from HIS OWN TALENT POOL. Unbelievable. Blanco is still on the team (deservedly so) so Hendry should cut bait with Miles but he lacks the stones and doesn’t want to embarrass himself any further by compounding his terrible 2009 leagacy of letting go of quality players and signing mistakes. So far Miles and Bradley are paying off so much Hendry is in line for GM of the year!! Back to Fox…I don’t get it, Hendry loves these kind of players…DH’s, he signed Bradley and his lack of defense, Soriano and his lack of defense. You would think that Fox would fit right in, oh…maybe Hendry has to GIVE
Fox a 3 year 30+ million dollar contract first, THEN he would be Hendry’s type of player! DeRosa.

I still don’t get their moves Carrie. I scratch my head when they have a guy that can’t field, (hmmm… isn’t that what they paid to do?) They give up a guy that played his butt off (Derosa). The Cubs in turn sign 2-3 bozos to take his place. Then they get rid of them! Kinda funny how the pitchers they traded away are doing better than when they were Cubs.

Jake will be back… sooner than later, who knows how long Bradley will be available. Hey, DeRosa hit a grand slam for the Indians, a shame he was to much for the Cubs to afford………. what a joke!!!

I don’t know, let’s say Fallin’ Badly..er..I mean Hittin’ Sadly..oops, I mean Milton Bradley is lost for an extended period of time, what’s to stop Hendry from trading for Patterson or Pie???? And STILL not give Fox a chance? Yikes!!! DeRosa.

Great! Another excellent move by the Cubs front office! fan50yers not only could they have used him to PH he probably could have closed better than Gregg! Good to see they’ve replaced the Gatorade machine with a revolving door. Unfortunately nothing good is coming in. Congrats to DeRosa on another clutch homerun to help his Indians win last night. My vote’s for him to be MVP of the AL. Stranger things have happened. Remember when Andre Dawson got the NL MVP when the Cubs stunk just slightly more than they do this year?

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