6/10 Ramirez update

Aramis Ramirez did take some grounders at third early Wednesday at Minute Maid Park. The workout was done under the watch of athletic trainer Mark O’Neal and conditioning coach Tim Buss.

Lou Piniella is trying to be patient until Ramirez returns. On Wednesday, Derrek Lee batted fourth.

“Until we get Ramirez back, we’re not going to be able to do much,” Piniella said. “I think the lineups we’re playing are our best opportunities. When we do get Ramirez back, we can play around with it.”

— Carrie Muskat


This team is so anemic. If we still had DeRosa, we wouldn’t be sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for a glimmer of hope from the Ram.

We can’t do much until we get Ramirez back???? Just throw in the towel Lou, send out a message like that to your team and throw darts to get your line-up!! Hello??? There is something you can do…TRY PLAYING PLAYING YOUR BEST OFFENSIVE GUYS WHILE WAITING FOR YOUR BEST OFFENSIVE GUY TO RETURN. C’MON!!! Instead, all Lou is doing is waiting for Lee to return to his 2006 stats, Bradley to get bionic limbs (and brain), Scales to turn into the next Mike Schmidt, Miles to become the next Pete Rose…all this while watching Johnson, Hoffpauir and Fox to RUST. do us all a favor Lou, retire and take Hendry with you. Bring on the Sandberg Dynasty. DeRosa.

DeRosa. (just for good measure!!)

My My! You’d think the cubs were in last place 25 games out. Chill Out.

Oh my! Yes, let’s all chill out and not hold our team to their expectations of being a DOMINANT club. YOU chll out if you’d like to, nobody’s stopping you…Mrs. Hendry. DeRosa.

This team is a joke and that is thanks to Jim Hendry and his ineptitude as a GM. He is just sitting there riding out the excuse that the sale of the team is preventing him from doing anything about that sad situation that is 2009. Getting rid of DeRosa was the dumbest thing any GM has ever done, right up there with Brock for Bruglio. Jim hendry is a fat piece of trash and Carrie Muskat is a cheerleader for Cubs.com. You wont get the real story from her. But you will from me, and the real story is, were in for some real frustration and heartbreak for years to come. But, dont worry Cub fans, Carrie Muskat will brighten our days with Wrigley attendance figures and Old Stlye sales.

wesson, I’ve gone down this road of frustration and hatred for Hendry myself, doesn’t make one feel good about oneself does it? I share your feelings but after my confrontation with cubbybloo I felt miserable and regretted my comments. Anyway, it is a shame Hendry screwed up a very good chance at a very good ballclub. If only our comments would get noticed and result in the release of Hendry I am on board with you all the way. Sadly, I think us Hendry bashers are just practicing our typing skills, which I for one can use the practice so….DeRosa!

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