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Are you one of the fans screaming at Lou Piniella to make some changes in the lineup? He’s heard you.

“From a manager’s perspective, if you make too many changes, you get criticized for not being patient and nobody knows where they’re hitting,” Piniella said, “and if you wait too long, people say, ‘Well, this guy’s not doing enough.’ To me, this is our best lineup. We’re going to stay as constant as we can, assuming we stay healthy. We just have to battle our way out of this thing. We’re better than what we’ve done.”

He said that before Tuesday’s game, which the Cubs won, 7-1. They went 6-for-19 with runners in scoring position. Who criticizes Piniella?

“I get yelled at because I’m not arguing with the umpires enough,” Piniella said. “The fans [say], ‘Get out there and get these guys going.'”

— Carrie Muskat


Lou is doing the best he can with the lineup that is available to him. I will say it’s time for the upper management to eat their pride and find a way to get back what was the heart of the Cubs last year and that was Mark DeRosa. We all know by now that most likely he is available. His salary was not that impressive compared to others on the team!

Lou can’t be afraid to sit guys making big money (Milton).

Lou can’t be afraid to sit guys making big money (Milton).

Yeah I agree. Some of these guys not only need to sit their butts down, but get shoved out the door! Hey, if we were to get De Rosa back would that make us not only Indian Givers, but Indian Takers?

Absolutely, let these overpaid prima donnas (Soriano, Bradley & Lee) get a view from the bench while the younger, hungrier players (Hoffpauir, Fox & Johnson) get the majority of playing time. Hey, what an impressive bench for late inning or extra inning games, right? Maybe then they will get their appetite to succeed and hustle back.
I can’t bad mouth Lee that much he does still have a glove but that’s about it. Soriano is a double maker in left and Bradley is a DL trip waiting to happen in right. Hendry should be made to walk in shame in down town Chicago wearing a DeRosa jersey. Winning in Houston 7-1 with this line-up is still more a pleasant surprise than an EXPECTATION. We shouldn’t be fooled. DeRosa!

So a- hole, if it’s NOT meant to be SPAM…then why do I get the feeling you just SPAMMEDS us?

I agree, I’m ready to “sacrifice” Lee’s “awesome” defense for a platoon of Fox and Hoff at 1b. Lee’s defense has turned into a crutch, I’m tired of hearing how many plays he makes, remember we are talking about the ONLY position that clubs put superior hitters that lack defensive skills. Lee’s defense is very good, but not good enough to retard the development of very promising hitters that have reached their ceiling in the system. I wonder how fast Hoffpauir would be benched if he had a 0-6 night like Bradley had? Lou’s conception of “patience” is all mixed up.
Doesn’t he realize us fans would appreciate patience with young hitters like Fox and Hoffpauir? And DO NOT APPRECIATE the patience he is affording Soriano, Lee and Bradley? That’s why you don’t see a majority of us fans demanding the benching of Soto, we have more patience for him because he’s young and NOBODY IS BEATING DOWN THE DOOR TO REPLACE HIM LIKE LEE’S SITUATION…geez.

I agree with everything said on here. It was nice to see some guys get some hits last night(Soto went 3-5!!!!). I have a question. How many guys did Bradley leave on base last night? How many would Reed or Hoff left on base? Simple math Lou. Bench the crazy man before he kills someone with that piece of wood he tries to hit with!!!!

Lou is doing the best he can with the lineup that is available to him? There was a time I subscribed to that train of thought as well, now I thnk it’s a train WRECK
I am wondering if I should think about shifing the blame from Hendry to Lou????? Although I believe Hendry is still the MAIN culprit to a disappointing season I must question if Lou IS doing the best he can with this lineup. After all he DOES have the option to play Hoffpauir in right OR better yet, play him at first and play Johnson in center and Fukodome in right going with your best defensive outfeild and have quality, smart, productive hitters in the line up.
Sitting Bradley for an extended period of time and having Johnson in the line up makes more sense than trying to FIGURE OUT WHAT’S WRONG WITH BRADLEY WHILE IN THE LINE UP. Figure out what’s wrong with Bradley during a re-hab stint to the minors instead of wasting opportunities to WIN ballgames Lou!!!! Hendry pretty much signed a 30 million dollar reclaimation project…way to go Jimmy!!!!
Hey, maybe Ibanez can help figure out what’s wrong with Bradley? Anybody out there that thinks this is NOT a disappointing season is blind, we’re wasting too many quality starts (Wells, Zambrano last night…) with this anemic offense that Hendry saddled us with. How can a team projected to make it to the playoffs not muster up a couple of lousy runs to beat the Astros? Last night should never have been up to Guzman to get to extra innings, it should have been up to the offense to put the game away!
And using the loss of ONE player like Ramirez is LAME.
Hendry didn’t get his job done, end of story. DeRosa!

Why does everybody rip on Derrek Lee. He got off to a slow start, which he has done historically in his entire career, except for his best year in 2005. He’s batting over .335 in the last month. People complain that he grounds into too many DP’s…. That was LAST YEAR. If the stats are correct, he has grounded into ONE, that is right ONE DP this year. I guess some Cubs fans just aren’t happy unless they are complaining.

Because Lee doesn’t PRODUCE the way a bonafide, clutch, RBI firstbaseman should, that’s why. Big deal Mrs. Hendry, we’re not calling for his execution. So the first month when he sucked doesn’t matter? Same with Bradley if he hits .300 in JULY…you just write off the previous horrendous months?
These guys are paid FOR THE SEASON not just a hot month, or half a season. Pujols, Howard, Fielder etc. have set the bar for first baseman and Lee PALES IN COMPARISON. If you base playing time on WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY…then why is Fox and his over .400 ba in the minors??? BECAUSE HENDRY PUT HIM THERE. Why is Bradley and his .208 average getting the most playing time in right??? BECAUSE HENDRY SIGNED HIM AND LOU KEEPS TROTTING HIM OUT. Hmmmm, what a dillemma, be happy and keep complaining OR chill out? Hmmm… I’m so glad Mrs. Jim Hendry with her rose colored glasses is out there to give advice to us fake Cubs fans. DeRosa.

D. Lee, 2 outs…tying run on THIRD BASE…ground ball to second…ends the inning. CLUTCH.
Probably why he has hit into fewer DP’s is that he is grounding out with two outs and there is no need to turn the double play or he his hitting more warning track flyballs with less than two outs. Either way he does not make the opposing team/pitcher/manager break a sweat like Pujols, Howard, Fielder etc. Also, did anybody notice the other day Lou pitch hits Fukodome, takes out Johnson, Fukodome strikes out and today he LEAVES FUKODOME IN vs. a lefthander and he AGAIN STRIKES OUT. What’s with that Lou? If yuor going to play the lefty/righty game doesn’t it work both ways and you should have put in Johnson?

You are a jerk off joeydafish. I’m not saying Lee is the best first baseman out there, but you assume that because Fox can hit .400 against pitchers that aren’t good enough to be in the majors that he will do the same in the majors CONSISTENTLY. I would gladly trade Lee for Pujols, Howard, or Fielder, but he’s not horrible. Every player slumps. Lee just happens to slump early in the season. His power numbers may be down, but it is ridiculous to expect a career year like he had in ’05 every year. He is above average in most offensive categories and he gives the Cubs solid defense. GFY

Oh Yeah look at that … Mr. Clutch DLEE hits a homer in the 9th to tie the game

Dear cubybloo , as I momentarily eat crow because of D. Lee’s RARE CLUTCH HOMER and happy he did, I won’t put him anywhere near a clutch player…anymore. As far as Fox, he needs an opportunity in the big leagues and I think Lee is holding things up for him and more so for Hoffpauir. Fox didn’t come up and have 5 of 6 pinch hits against minor league pitchers. And I never said Lee was HORRIBLE. How does one find out if .400 hitting minor leaguers can hit major leage pitchers CONSISTENTLY unless they are given a CONSISTENT opportunity, and what better opportunity then to platoon with another good, young hitter at a postion currently held by an aging, overpaid player? So think of you will of me and spew vulgarites all you want, I decline to join THAT dialogue, instead…Congrats on your guy tying the game!!! I hope he wins it as well!! DeRosa

joey, you started with the insults, but I apologize for retaliating.

Apology accepted, I too will refrain from further insults, it’s beneath us both. I may even lay off Hendry. Can we just chalk it up to being passionate, frustrated CUBS FANS? I’d hug you right now if I could, now let’s go kick some ASStro butt! Right? Thanks for the lesson in humility. DeRosa (had to get that in there for cubbeeblue)

well guys, this whole offense sucks! It cannot score runs cosistently, and keeps wasting all quality pitching! It’s not just one guy it’s all of them! If this team does not find some offense going into these interleague series against the twins, whitesox, indians, and the tigers this season will be completely over because these teams will score some runs and the cubs probably will not. Their offenses are much better than the cubs because the cub’s offense sucks (makes me wan’t to barf). I have to stop just thinking about this offense, this team makes very, very angry!

cwtt makes a valid point, I think my most recent angry comments directed at cubbybloo is the result of all the anger and frustration I harbor toward Hendry and his lackluster roster that SHARES the blame for such a disappointing seaon to date. It manifested itself and I targeted another fan and his/her opinion of Derek Lee which he/she is certainly entitled to and I should have respected that opinion. I certainly won’t specifically call out Lee again if just out of respect for cubbybloo as Lee is AT LEAST contributing with defense, something that CAN NOT be said of Soriano or Bradley. I still think all position players need to step up their game and proof of that is the meek and mild mannered way we HANDED two victories to the Astros.
To waste such stellar pitching from the entire staff is an embarrassment as well as an indictment of Hendry and his feeble attempt of “re-tooling” a team that WAS on the verge of a world series run. So, it is what it is and we are left again with HOPING FOR THE BEST, not expecting much as Soriano continues to be an undisciplined hitter with limited defensive skills AND batting leadoff, Fukodome is playing out of position because of the Bradley acquisiton and still is half way to first before finishing his swing, Bradley is as likely to be hurt as he is to get hot and still a DH at best, Fontenot is a better role/bench player than a qualified substitute for the Ram, Second base is a revolving door, and Soto is slow to come around…this is not a fear-inducing line-up. Theriot is really the only CONSISTENT hitter on the team with very little peaks and valleys and only an occassional bad at bat, no doubt due to pressure to “pick up” his team-mates. Combine all that with the escallating, questionable moves by Lou, the lack of “ownership” and Hendry himself…it doesn’t look very promising, just “hopeful” at best. DeRosa.

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