6/13 Lineups & quick hits

The weather is supposed to clear up Saturday. Lou Piniella’s lineup is LF Soriano, 3B Fontenot, RF Bradley, 1B Lee, C Soto, CF Fukudome, SS Theriot, 2B Miles, P Harden.

* The Cubs optioned infielder Bobby Scales to Triple-A Iowa to make room on the roster for pitcher Rich Harden, who was activated from the disabled list. The Cubs are hoping for six innings, 85 pitches out of Harden, who had been sidelined with a bad back.

* With the roster move, the Cubs now have 13 pitchers. That limits Piniella’s bench to Andres Blanco, Koyie Hill, Reed Johnson and Micah Hoffpauir. Expect to see Carlos Zambrano pinch-hit if a batter is needed early.

“I’ve got to be careful how we use our players,” Piniella said. “You can run out of players very quickly.”

One of the reasons the Cubs opted to keep 13 was because they had played five extra inning games in the last eight, and a couple relievers were a little “tender.” Piniella wouldn’t say who.

* The rotation for the upcoming intracity Interleague series against the White Sox will be Carlos Zambrano, Randy Wells and Ryan Dempster.

* Piniella was asked if he gave “strong consideration’ to giving Milton Bradley Saturday off after his gaffes on Friday.

“What for?” Piniella said. “No, sir. No, sir. None at all.”

* Randy Wells and Sean Marshall gave the new documentary “We Believe” two thumbs up. Both attended Friday night’s premiere at the Chicago Theatre. No word yet on where the movie will be shown or when DVDs will be available.

* The College World Series gets underway on Saturday and Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot will be watching their LSU Tigers. Fontenot and Theriot played on the 2000 championship team.

“[Winning the CWS] was definitely the highlight of my baseball career,” Fontenot  said. “As a college player, that’s where you try to get to. Every day at practice at LSU, they had the ‘Omaha’ song [by Counting Crows] come on. That would be the first thing you heard every day. Back then, we were going every year and that was part of what we wanted to do and part of what we did.”

* Ryan Freel was expected to begin a rehab outing at Iowa Sunday or Monday. He’s been on the DL with a strained hamstring.

— Carrie Muskat


This looks way to familiar, offense doing nothing again! I do not understand why fukudome is still getting the majority of the playing time and Johnson is sitting on that bench! I will not buy into that matchup crap! Fukudome is not hitting period, lefty or righty! Johnson can hit either, even if he has better numbers against lefties, he doesn’t have horrible numbers against righties! I would like to see him start playing more and sit fukudome! However I don’t think Lou or Jim care what I think nor anybody thinks because Fukudome is costing them way to money to sit on the bench! SO, the suggestion is trade his butt and get somebody else, I don’t care who, just somebody PLEASE!

Sit Fukudome. He looks like last year again. Spinning like a top. Soriano needs to sit also. Put Micah in left and Johnson in center. Miles should be gone also. koyie hill can not hit either. Make some moves Mr. Hendry.
I see why the Twins are always in games. They know how to do fundamentals. They are fun to watch. Their manager is not afraid to have one of their stars put down a sacrafice bunt.

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