6/14 Lineup

Joe Crede was scratched from Sunday’s Twins lineup. Here’s the Cubs lineup in the series finale: LF Soriano, CF Fukudome, RF Bradley, 1B Lee, C Soto, 3B Fontenot, SS Theriot, 2B Miles, P Lilly.

Lou Piniella was asked before the game about whether he’d thought about moving Soriano out of the leadoff spot.

“When we signed Alfonso, it was as a leadoff hitter,” Piniella said. “We won two divisions with him as a leadoff hitter. What else can I say? He’s struggling and we have to hope he gets out of it.”

That’s where Soriano is most comfortable.

“I’ve been struggling, and I know I’ve been struggling for maybe a month,” Soriano said. “I believe in myself and I know that sooner or later I’ll get out of this slump and I’ll be fine.”

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

O.K. Lou, enough with the “comfortable” excuse for Soriano, we all GET IT. However, when a player is slumping THIS BAD thros all that out the window and move him down in the order like any good manager would do or bench him for 3 days or so and let him THINK. Why did you move Fukodome down in the order from third? Becuase he hit a brick wall and you know it. C’mon!! DeRosa.

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