Perry out; Joshua in as hitting coach

The Cubs fired hitting coach Gerald Perry on Sunday and will promote Triple-A Iowa hitting coach Von Joshua to take over the job. Joshua will join the Cubs Monday, and be in uniform for Tuesday’s Interleague game between the Cubs and White Sox.

The Cubs were ranked 13th in the National League in hitting with a .246 average, well below last year’s numbers. They led the NL in runs in 2008, but are 14th this season.

“Obviously, we’ve been struggling for a long time,” Hendry said. “I’m not one to dump all the blame on coaches. I’ve never made a coaching change to my knowledge in the middle of the year. I think sometimes you need a different voice.

“Von has had a lot of success with our guys on the way up,” he said. “We have really, really struggled offensively for reasons way beyond Aramis [Ramirez] being gone for awhile. Every day, we have five guys in the lineup who have played in the All-Star Game. For whatever reason, they are not performing anywhere close to where they’ve performed in their careers. Sometimes you have to try something different, and sometimes it’s a different voice maybe saying the same things.

“I never feel good about a coach taking the blame for the failures of our ballclub,” he said.

Perry was at Wrigley Field on Sunday, and taking part in batting practice when he was called off the field around 11 a.m. CT and into the clubhouse to talk to Hendry.

Joshua is in his fourth year at Iowa, and has been a hitting coach since 1984.

“He’s got a good way about him and probably a different approach,” Hendry said. “He’s done very well with us at Triple-A.”

— Carrie Muskat



thank christ! it’s about time they dumped this guy. i’ve been asking myself for 2 months how come no one’s brought up the possibility that gerald perry is a lousy hitting coach.

it ain’t Perry’s fault. We won last year with him as the hitting coach. you got to understand that the hitters are just lacking concentration or trying to hard. Our only consistent hitter has been D Lee and M Bradley. Even though Bradley made a huge mistake on Friday, He would not score or the runner at third would not score to. Who fans should be booing instead of Bradley are Soriano, Theriot, Soto, Fukadome, Fontenot, and Miles, who came hear to replace Dero. That has not work. Lets Get Them today!! GO CUBS!!!!!1

“I never feel good about a coach taking the blame for the failures of our ballclub,” he said.

I say, maybe it’s time to blame a GM for his moves in the offseason and the failures of the ballclub?

“I never feel good about a coach taking the blame for the failures of our ballclub,” he said.

I say, maybe it’s time to blame a GM for his moves in the offseason and the failures of the ballclub?

Good, now maybe the Cubs can start hitting again.

I agree with cubbiesger. Hendry, I believe, made some bogus moves over the offseason! For one, DeRosa should still be playing at second. He was a great voice and leader for the Cubs. He played just about every position except for pitching and catching. A guy like that is pricless not to mention he won games for the Cubs! Second, I do believe Wood would have been doing a better job than Gregg, I’m sorry. But it’s VERY shallow of the GM to let go of Wood after all the time he spent here and how GREAT him and his wife were with the community. If anyone should go it is Jim Hendry!

hendry already deserves to be fired for what he’s done to this team, but if he wastes time giong after another over-the-hill, overpriced malcontent (with the starting rotation being the only bright spot on this dismal team) he should be slapped in the head, kicked in the behind (this message board won’t let me use words like “@#*”), and then fired. he took the best team in the NL in the regular season of 2008 and turned them into a joke of a chicago baseball team. this is a major city, a storied franchise, and we’ve got a completely underwhelming roster. let’s beat that dead horse. getting rid of DeRosa and Wood was the biggest bonehead move in baseball in the offseason. heads should role for such actions. DeRosa and Wood were not the problem in the playoffs. Kosuke spinning around in circles, Soriano swinging at balls in the dirt, Derek Lee hitting into double plays, Aramis Ramirez losing all concentration at the plate, and Dempster walking 7 hitters in one game was the problem. Hendry did nothing to remedy that situation. Terrible baseball management. disgusting. they’ll get no money from me anymore. no games, no clothing, no all-star votes, nothing. just angry message boarding.

oh, i was just refering to the rumor that hendry is showing interest in pedro martinez.

Uh, if you think Perry’s firing is the answer, think again. I’d go a step further up the ladder. I’ve never seen a manager who has less to do with “creating” opportunity than Piniella. He is on a different planet this year. Where did he go? Does he care anymore? Didn’t this start with the CUbs’ loss to the Dodgers in four straight at the end of last year?

I think so. I am also VERY concerned that we still have a GM willing to trade huge sums of money for players who’ve had a propensity for injury. Hell, buy the clinic first! We need it. Sorianno, Bradley, Harden, Mark Prior, No More Garciaparra, and the list goes on.

Is there something special about the Cubs players that a few rules like “Minnesota’s running out everything or triple-A with you” wouldn’t do a world of good?

C’mon Lou cinch up your belt and kick some butt, send these prima donas down if they aren’t willing to put out. Sorianno deserves no higher than double-A. Jeesh, D. Lee loafs down to first unless it’s abundantly clear that he has a chance to beat it out. You never seen that from Therriot, Fontenot, or any other guy who WANTS to play ball the way it’s supposed to be played.

hendry is a very poor horsetrader aslongaswearegetinngrid oftthe hitting coach whuy dont weggetrid of hendry

Sure, fire Perry if you must, even though he wasn’t the problem. The problem was trading DeRosa away for peanuts. If you absolutely must cut payroll, fine, then trade Derrick Lee away. He’s pulling in WAAAY more money, and they’ve got a viable 1st baseman that can play every day in Micah Hoffpauir. Sure, Derrick is hitting a little better now, and he always will be a gold-glove 1st baseman. But when Micah is in there everyday, he’s a better hitting 1st baseman, and the fielding dropoff is not that much. Plus it gives you that left-handed power they were so desperate for this offseason. Instead they’ve got the mess of Fontenot, Miles, Scales, Blanco, to cover 2nd AND 3rd, and not one of them can hit. The dropoff of ANY of those 4 from DeRosa is FAR greater than the dropoff between Hoffpauir and Lee. When eventually Jim Hendry is out as Cubs GM, he’ll look back at that move as the one that cost him his job.

BTW, lest anyone think I have it for Nomar. Think of it. He gets a groin injury and leaves for the summer during which time his wife, Mia Hamm, gets pregnant. So much for the groin injury – oh, that’s right! she’s an athlete, too! :-))

Then he get’s shipped off to LA whereupon he start producing like wildfire until he gets disenchanted again and then gets another injury. Talk about scamming baseball franchises.

why does it seem like everybody handles soriano with kid gloves.this guy is getting 18,000,000 a year.40 40 guy is a joke.loafs in the outfield.acts like he couldn;t care less if he catches the ball or bat he looks like a joke.why doesen;t someone tell him to hustle in the outfield and stop swinging at boys out of the zone he can;t possibly hit with a 10 foot bat.,or bench him or admit you made a mistake and either trade him or senjd him down to the minors where he belongs.******* every once in a while he hits a home llou scared to bench this guy.

OKAY> THe problem isnt Perry. Its Bradley, Lee, Soriano, Fontenot, Soto, and the lack of Aramis. Lets get DeRosa back, trade Lee and Bradley, put in Hoffpauir full time, put Fontenot on the bench, tell Theriot to stop swinging for the fences and find some freaking bull pen pitchers!!!! And Lou, look like you are interested for once! Reed looks like the only player out there who gives a crap. Heads up, you guys are playing a game for a multi-million dollar living!!!!

Somebody had to take the blame and Perry was the easiest to replace. I am sure it wasn’t his fault or the players didn’t listen to him but thats how it goes. Hendry and Lou are next on the chopping block but hopefully this gets things done. Perry was the hitting coach for last years successful team so it makes me thing some else is to blame (um Hendry) but still you have to make a move and this was the easiest. Hopefully Joshua can connect with some of these guys and get things going.

you need to demote players who are not performing! jim hendry and lou pinella are two smart for their own good, coaches gets the blame for the non-PRODUCTION OF A PROFESSIONL BASEBALL PLAYER every cubs fan reading these comments the cubs really wasnt hitting when ramierez was in the lineup. they should have never let go of casey mcghee picking up players like: ryan freel, milton bradley, aaron miles, was a bad decision. jim hendry bad move!

He might be somewhat responsible, it might hurt that derosa isnt in there anymore, but in all the cubs at bats arent solid. if you watch last years team, they all kind of initially vibed off fukudome’s patience at the plate, in which at one point he was leading the league for most pitches seen per at bat. Now that their slumping, everyone (including fukudome) is swinging at first pitches constantly, getting behind in the count early, and taking poor hacks to try and recover. But i will agree the loss of derosa hurting more than it should.. ive heard he is a great leader in the club house, we all know hes a sold hitter and can play virtually anywhere.. but it almost like this team lacks a leader right now.

oh and id like to say this once and hope many read this. as a cubs fan, IT IS ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS THAT A TEAM THAT HAS THE 3RD HIGHEST PAYROLL IN BASEBALL IS NOT A QUALITY CONTENDER EVERY YEAR. yankees are one of the only teams with a higher payroll and they always find a way into the playoffs. that is a standard the cubs AT LEAST should be at every year with the kind of money they are dropping.

Hendry is the one to blame here–he overhauls both the bench and the bullpen of what was arguably the best team in National League last year. This was a colossal overreaction to getting swept in the playoffs. Last year’s team scored the second highest number of runs in the N.L. against right handed pitching. They didn’t need to get this left-handed–or this bad. He left the team with no real backup at third, a head case in right field, no closer, and no long relievers. Yes, we’ve had injuries, but not enough to account for this.

The curse of the goat has turned into the curse of the Hen(dry)


Thank Goodness I’m not the only one to put all the blame on our lousy GM Hendry. Sure Hendry, you go out, dump the team chemistry and alot of firepower (Derosa, Edmonds) and replace them with miles and Bradley???? You can blame the coaches all you want but YOU are the one that supplied these coaches with utility players… not starters.



Too Many Pitchers

I don’t understand why a team having so much trouble scoring runs would carry so many pitchers.

Must be to spread the loses around!

Pictching may prevent runs; however, offense wins games.


This is where the inability to score runs really bites you. There are 13 pitchers because they have recently and are expecting in the future to play more extra inning contests. Another reason nobody in the front office probably wants to admit is they made a huge mistake with David Patton. He’s got an ERA of 6.23, a WHIP of 1.73, 18 hits, 12 walks, 15 SO, all in 17 1/3 innings. He’s a RULE 5 player meaning that if he gets sent down, he’s gone.

If chosen in the Rule 5 Draft, a player must be kept on the selecting team’s 25-man major league roster for the entire season following the draft. The player may not be optioned or designated to the minors by the selecting team.

Translation: Cubs are stuck with him and his 6.23 ERA. That’s why there are 13 pitchers on the staff…. while Jake Fox tears it up the minors.

I`m also going to beat the dead horse and say it once again,DEROSA,WOOD,even Bob Howry was better than this bullpen,I Believe the Lineup should look as such M.Hoffpauir 1B,M.DeRosa2B R.Theroit SS A.Ramirez 3B K.Fukodome RF,R.Johnson CF A.Soriano LF Bench:D.Lee,M.Fontenot,B.Scales,J.Fox Rotation:Same Bullpen:B.Howry,K.Wood,C.Marmol,S.Marshall,A.Guzman,J.Ascanio But then again they didn`t call me during the off-season to confer

Hendry has the nerve to deflect the blame onto Perry? Just shameful yet typical of this guy. There’s too much to comment on becuause of Hendry…Bradley a mistake, Fukodome a mistake, Soriano a mistake, Miles a mistake, Freel a mistake, my God it goes on and on. Now, with Lee hot (hitting, NOT run producing-no offense Cubbybloo) Hendry should trade him opening the way for Hoff and Fox at first base and increase the RUN PRODUCTION. I’m not bashing Lee just pointing out a GOOD GM will trade a veteran like Lee while he’s hot to a contending team especially when you have options coming up in the ranks like the Cubs do in Hoff and Fox. But Hendry is not a good GM so him not trading Lee will be yet another MISTAKE. So Jim, if it is Perry’s fault explain Lee’s turn around? Theriot’s good numbers? It’s the PLAYERS you buffoon not the hitting coach. WHO can get through to players like the hard-headed, free swinging Soriano or the head-case Bradley? Or the human cork screw Fukodome? Hendry brought these players in and he is the one that should be dismissed. We would have been better off with DeRosa at either right field, left field, second base or even first base for that matter than ANYBODY HENDRY GOT. Let’s hope Hendry’s days are numbered. DeRosa!

See the problem with hitting is it is left up to the eye. No 2 people have the same set of eyes or perception. Gerald Perry did his job and well. But baseball is a game of adjustment. When he came around he settled down the lineup tremendously. They all use to never take walks and free swing at everything. Well MLB teams noticed that and they adjusted. So an adjustment needed to be made on the eyes of the swingers now that pitching has changed. He could not do that in this instance. A different coach isnt better but different. He will see these hitters and the pitching different than Perry did hopefully. What that will do for the hitters will give them twice as much knowledge as before. They will be able to take everything that Perry taught them and mix it with Joshua’s coaching. Knowledge is power and hopefully they will learn something new that will benefit their older teachings.

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