No Pedro

Pedro Martinez has said the Cubs and Rays are interested in him, but Lou Piniella said he hasn’t heard that.

“It’s never come up, to be honest with you,” the Cubs manager said about possibly signing Martinez. “Since the start of the season, not one name has come up, whether it be pitching or hitting here. Nothing’s come up, one way or another.”

The Cubs did send a scout to watch Martinez work out in the Dominican Republic, but they are not interested in the right-hander.

— Carrie Muskat


Geez, I thought the whole world knew the one thing the Cubs don’t need right now is starting pitching, maybe Hendry was asleep (again) when that memo was handed out. The only way Pedro could help this team is if he was hired TO REPLACE HENDRY. DeRosa!

I’m confused. Why would the Cubs send a scout to watch Pedro pitch if they weren’t interested in him? I doubt this is advanced scouting for a potential match-up in the future. I don’t really think the Cubs need Pedro, but it doesn’t make sense that they sent a scout for no reason.

I assume this was to scout Pedro for relief pitching or in the case that a starter got hurt and Lou wanted to keep Marshall in the pen. Maybe they were looking at a three way trade with someone. I know it doesn’t make any sense, we have good pitching with a little league offense. Then again maybe Hendry has lost his mind and the CUbs are desperate.

Why send a scout? Two reasons — one, a courtesy and two, due diligence. What if Pedro was throwing lights out? The Cubs wanted to make sure they covered all the bases.

Carrie, if the Cubs wanted to make sure they covered all bases don’t you think they should have kept….DeRosa?!

If they wanted someone to backup at third in case Ramirez went down, yes. But they didn’t. Got to move on.

So, they didn’t want someone to backup Ramirez at third base? Back up Bradley in right field? START at second base? Back up Lee at first base? No need for all that from one very productive player I guess, according to Hendry “re-plenishing” the farm system was more important. Not very easy to move on when your team’s GM is making some the worst moves and giving out some of the worst contracts in team history. Those contracts he gave to Soriano, Fukodome and now Bradley PREVENT this team from moving on. DeRosa!

How about moving Soriano down in the lineup – or, better yet, benching him? How about playing Fox? Can he do worse? Who in his/her right mind would vote for Soriano or Fukudome as all-stars? Take that one off the website, please!

You say we have to move on from DeRosa, but it’s hard to move on when he is putting up great numbers. The only one with a better B.A. is Theriot, and he has hit one less H.R. than Soriano. You say time to move on, I say time to bring him back.

smokin…I think you are dead on, the over all sentiment from the very day Hendry traded him was…what the heck is he doing?? And that was when none of knew DeRosa would be producing better than any Cub. Getting more left handed with Bradley? Isn’t Bradley a better RIGHT HANDED hitter anyway? Well, we are coming back in today’s game and Lee may be rebounding (a tip to cubbybloo) but even if we come from behind and even if Lee rebounds that still leaves Hendry as a bad GM…..wait…CUBS WIN!!!!!!
CUBS WIN!!!! DeRosa!!!!!

The Cubs need someone probably a veteran who can pinch hit and play the infield at least part of the time. There is one man out there who used to play on the southside.
Ray Durham should be signed for the rest of the year. He hit decently last year and no one seems to be really hitting well at 2nd base. I don’t believe anyone has signed him.

Not too bad an idea signing Durham, gotta be better than Freel..??? DeRosa!

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