6/19 Lineup

Jake Fox is in the starting lineup at third base for the Cubs. It’ll be LF Soriano, SS Theriot, RF Bradley, 1B Lee, C Soto, 3B Fox, CF Johnson, 2B Blanco and P Harden.

“The young man swings the bat and we have to find a place for him,” Lou Piniella said of Fox, who has made one start this season and that was in right field.

And Mark DeRosa is in the Indians lineup, batting second and starting in left field.

— Carrie Muskat


Its about time, you got to see how he hits against major league pitching and although his at bats have been promising you still have to test the guy. See if he would be worth filling at third base or outfield. I am personally starting to think his defense will be good enough and his offense a big boost. If there isn’t a place on the lineup then he needs to be traded because what good is a .400 hitter to the club at AAA. Let him play or trade him for relief pitching, he does no good by sitting the bench or playing in the minors.

Fox is starting at third base? Is there an APB out for Lou?
“Invasion Of The Manager Snatchers” now playing at Wrigley Field because that can’t be Lou…can it? About time he starts Fox, ironically on the first day against the team Hendry traded DeRosa to who should be playing third for us.

I don’t know…I tend to agree with joeydafish on this one. We’ve heard nothing but bad things about this guy’s defense and fielding yet they choose to plant him in the hot-spot. What the heck is that? Maybe Lou had Ozzie give the line-up and no one could understand what he said and this was the result. Go get ’em DeRosa!

Well, at least they are sitting Fukie down today and letting Johnson do his thing and Fonte needs some rest to freshen up. Let’s see if Soto’s on his way back – jury’s still out on him for now.

The window of opportunity for Fox to play first base is now slammed shut becuase D. Lee is now 27 years old again and hitting gargantuan homeruns into the basket so is it only a matter of time before Hendry extends his contract? I know there are a lot of fans that are thinking “I told you so” about Lee, and I humbly admit he is coming around…just enough to trade him while he is proving some value. I think Hendry needs to redeem his bad “let’s get more left handed blunder signing of Bradley and trading of DeRosa” by NOW trading another right handed hitter in Lee while he can, Lee should have been the right handed hitter to go in the first place because he made more money than DeRosa (Hendry did state trading DeRosa was to open up funds to sign Bradley) and we already have a replacement in place at first in a platoon of Hoffpauir and Fox and we wouldn’t have to get “more left handed” and sign the juggernaut …. Miles! Again, not knocking Lee just saying trading DeRosa was the wrong move and trading Lee would have been the better move. When you think of it that would have given us an infield of Fox/Hoff at 1B and DeRosa at 2b, MUCH MORE productive than the current D. Lee at 1b and the light weight “revolving door” at 2b. It would have kept Font The Tot on the bench and be in the role he thrived in and it would have allowed DeRosa to play third WHEN Ramirez went down with either needing rest OR a freak accident. Who knows, we might be looking at the starting line-up until Ramirez returns. What’s the difference who plays second base, at least Blanco is a slick fielder. DeRosa!

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