First pitch

First pitch Friday is scheduled for 2:45 p.m. CT

— Carrie Muskat


Awesome I’ve been waiting for the game to start to see how the Cubs do after a huge come from behind win. I hope yesterday was a turning point and we can rattle off 6 or 7 in a row and get closer if not ahead of the Brewers. GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!

Don’t get ahead of yourself now…DeRosa.

Cubbybloo…are you out there? It seems every time I diss D. Lee he comes through, hitting better and now even CLUTCH hitting!!! My plan is working! I’ll keep wishing Hendry comes to his senses and trades Lee while he’s hot, opening up first base for a Hoff and Fox platoon and at the same time acquiring a bonafide lead off second baseman?? While you keep questioning why I keep getting on Lee’s case. Sound like a plan to you? I think it may be what keeps Lee hot…just to prove me wrong. I’ll gladly continue to eat crow if it helps the team win. After all it will take magic, voodoo or something mystical like this to help them win…? I think the real pressure and clutch hit of today’s ball bame was the two strike, two out hit by Blanco, for a rookie that’s pretty good hitting. Anyway I know you must think I’m nuts about trading Lee but I still think that now is the time to strike a deal and unload his contract, the only problem is Hendry would probably get fleeced. O.K. I just talked myself to climbing on the D. Lee bandwagon but only because I don’t trust Hendry anymore, at all, for anything. DeRosa still an Indian, Bradley still overated as a complete ball player, Fukodome still the human corkscrew, Soriano still an overated hitter without a positon…Hendry still BAD.
Go Cubs! o.k….Go Lee! but please… HENDRY, JUST GO. Other cubbeeblue: DeRosa!

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