Welcome back

It was a little weird driving to Wrigley Field Friday morning for Kerry Wood and wife Sarah. They’ve made the trip for 10 years, but now he’s a member of the Cleveland Indians, not the Cubs.

“I was fortunate enough to play in this city for 10 years,” Wood said. “It’s a big part of my career, it’s a majority of my career, but I don’t think my career is over.”

Now, he’s the closer for the Indians and former Cub Mark DeRosa is starting in left field for the Tribe. Both met with the Chicago media near the visitor’s clubhouse. What does DeRosa miss most about being with the Cubs?

“It’s a special place to play, the fans are special,” DeRosa said. “I haven’t been anywhere else that even comes close. To me, it was a huge let down to be moved. I cherished the time I was there and have moved on and I’m fine and comfortable being a Cleveland Indian.”

Wood did stop by the home clubhouse to say hello to his former teammates and the staff. He filed for free agency after the 2008 season and signed with the Indians. Was it disappointing the Cubs didn’t try to keep him?

“I didn’t expect it,” Wood said. “I understood where the team was at and the moves they needed to make to get some left-handed bats. I saw this coming before the All-Star break.”

What does he miss most?

“The atmosphere,” Wood said. “My [Cleveland] teammates now are going to come in and get to play in the best atmosphere you can find which is a weekend series at Wrigley.”

DeRosa had three hits off Ted Lilly in a Spring Training game. On Saturday, they’ll face off again.

“I hope it’s like Spring Training,” DeRosa said. “I’m excited about it, but at the same time, I don’t want it to take place. You never want to face your buddy because deep down you’re going to have to go to dinner with him after it. We’ll compete, we’ll go at it. He’s a fiery guy when he steps across the white lines, too. I’m here to help my team win.”

— Carrie Muskat


For most of us this is a game we want to be in attendance. I hope the fans show the Cubs front office that we are truly disappointed. In case they haven’t been reading these blogs and hearing what’s being said on the radio talk shows – HENDRY NEEDS TO GO. The fans today, tomorrow, and Sunday need to give Wood and DeRosa standing ovations each and every time they are announced and step up to the plate or mound. They should go wild if DeRo hits the ball especially if he shows us one of those home-runs and gets more rbi (again he’s got twenty-some more than the Cubs with the most on the team)! I won’t say I want the Indians to win, but I want the management of the Cubs to really feel it!! DeRosa rocks.

I hope they can get the game in today. I know the bloggers here are pretty sore not only that the team is struggling to score runs, but this past offseason will be memorable for the deals that could cost us the division. I know it’s business and Hendry was only trying to make the team better….um…yeah…like I said, it’s business.
Anyway, we have to move on from here. We have to get past it somehow. We’re all thankful for what Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa brought to us here.
The joy. The cheers. That feeling that we can beat just about anybody. These guys were winners. Especially Woody. God love him. He gutted it out and hammered through some rough years and even switched roles for the good of the team.
And Derosa. DeRosa could play ANYWHERE you put him. Just a, a, a GREAT asset to any team. ANY team would love to have him. Well, both of them really. But somehow….for some reason….


Will someone please remind me….Who’d we get for DeRosa?

We got the useless Miles and 3 pitching prospects. Well worth it, that is if youn don’t want to win.

It sure would be easier to move on if SOMEBODY (ahem..Hendry!!) was held accountable for a miserable job of general managing the team. How could Perry be dismissed and Hendry not? Oh, yeah Hendry pulled that brilliant move as well. Not that Perry was any hitting guru but replacing him wast jus a pathetic “non-move”, PATHETIC. Hello??? ANYBODY out there having the power to fire Hendry??? Is it Sam Zell?? Somebody??? Hello? I know nobody on the planet knows who owns/runs this team right now but isn’t there ANYBODY higher up in the food chain than Hendry? DeRosa!

That’s pretty funny chief! DeRosa – welcome home…at least for the weekend.

I agree with all above,

The trade of DeRosa and not signing Woody will probably go down as some of the worst moves since they let Maddux go to Atlanta.

I’m a huge Cub-fan and loved that they swept Cleveland, but seeing Woody lose those games hurts.

Please get them back, they belong here…..

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