Hitting machine

Derrek Lee extended his hitting streak to 20 games with a double in the sixth inning Tuesday against the Tigers’ Edwin Jackson. Lee’s previous best was an 18 game streak, April 17-May 7, 2005. With his hit Tuesday, Lee has posted the 22nd hitting streak of at least 20 games in Cubs history, and first since Alfonso Soriano had a 20-game streak in 2007.

— Carrie Muskat


Tell us again why in the world is Gregg our closer?

Ok Carrie. Great facts. You should write a Cubs fact book. You’ll sell a million of ’em. How come your blogs are never the least bit critical? Doesn’t it bother you that Gregg left a 75 MPH curve hanging like a pinata for Rayburn to crush? I mean, we had the game in the bag. But, Gregg walks the leadoff man. That’s ALWAYS gonna get you on Lou’s good side, then he tops it off by lollypopping the curve to the pinch hitter….and that doesn’t bother you?

C’mon Carrie. Get mad. Let the team have it once in a while.

Who would you have signed? I agree he is not a sure thing, but who is, and how do you figure out who that person is and sign them? Past excellent Cubs teams saves leaders have had 33 (Lee Smith), 36 (Williams), 51 (Beck-God rest his special soul), 33 (Borowski), 28 (Dempster), and 34 (Wood) saves. Gregg had 29 and 32 saves the past two years for under-performing teams and his 11 this year is sub-par compared to his past couple of years. It is frustrating, it is sad, but the 2009 Cubs have a team full of sub-par, frustrating, sad performers. Don’t pin it all on Gregg, and don’t target other under-performers when they don’t cut it. Just be thankful that on paper we look pretty good and the the law of averages calls for this team to be a heck of a lot better than they have performed thus far in 2009. There are too many things in life to get stressed about. Don’t let baseball stress you out – especially Cubs baseball (plenty of well-documented warnings not to have high expectations). A final comment – Alan Soloman was absolutely the best Cubs beat reporter for any newspaper since I started reading Chicago papers (1975). He made reading about the Cubs as fun or more fun than watching the team play. Say hi to him Carrie.

Hey heres and idea. Maybe they should have taken the 30 mil they gave Bradley. Given DeRo 10 mil and signed Wood for the other 20. Hmm just a thought.

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