Motor city reunion

Alan Trammell stopped by Tiger Stadium on Tuesday to get one more look at the ballpark before it’s totally demolished. Now the Cubs bench coach, Trammell spent 20 years playing for the Tigers and also was the team’s manager. He’s a little grayer since he was last in Detroit and has a new hip following replacement surgery in 2006. He wasn’t sad about seeing the demolition — he’ll always have his memories.

“I’m happy to be on a baseball field,” Trammell said. “That’s where I feel most comfortable.”

Lou Piniella described his bench coach as a “good baseball man.” What’s surprised Piniella about Trammell?

“He’s more intense than I thought he was,” Piniella said. “I didn’t realize that. He likes competing and he likes to win. He does a great job with our infielders. During the course of the ballgame, I’ll ask him numerous questions, soliciting what he would do. I utilize my coaches. The intensity factor surprised me. He’s an intense young man.”

Told that Trammell always wants to be in uniform, Piniella concurred.

“He belongs in uniform,” Piniella said. “He’s a baseball guy, he loves talking baseball. I really enjoy having him on my staff and he’s been very helpful. And hopefully he’ll get another opportunity to manage at the big league level.”

— Carrie Muskat

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