6/25 Geovany Soto

Cubs catcher Geovany Soto tested positive for marijuana use during the 2009 World Baseball Classic, and is ineligible to compete in international play for two years. The positive test does not affect his playing time in Major League Baseball with the Cubs.

“I am embarrassed by my lapse in judgement,” Soto said in a statement Thursday.

Why the test results were being released now is not clear. Soto has undergone drug testing regularly in his career, and this is the only positive test at any point.

Soto has “assured the Cubs this was an isolated incident and a misstep in judgement that will not be repeated,” the team said in a statement.

“While I fully acknowledge my inappropriate behavior, I want to assure my fans and my family that this was an isolated incident,” Soto said in his statement. “I do not say this to minimize or deflect from my conduct and I fully understand the ramifications of my actions. I have and will accept any and all consequences.”

Soto, the 2008 National League Rookie of the Year, played for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic. He was not in the Cubs’ lineup Thursday.

— Carrie Muskat


That’s the least of this clubs’ problems. I can’t believe the headline on the website stating that Fukodome “BUSTS OUT OF SLUMP” with an RBI triple. What an overly biased way to write a headline and story. The hit was a solid DOUBLE and when Granderson booted the ball it allowed Fukodome to go to third, besides, wouldn’t it take juuuuuust a little more than THAT to qualify as “BUSTING OUT”???? DeRosa!

LOL, now I see why you have been inhaling the twinkies Soto. Get off the doj and get on the treadmill chubs!!!

I’m truly let down with the actions of Geo. As a Cubs fan, and a law abiding citizen, I find it disappointing at the decisions that our heroes when they pertain to drug use. Marijuana is an illegal substance, and although I am a believer in legalization, the truth of the matter is that this is still against the law. I would hope that DLee and Lou would have a discussion with Soto to tell him how a professional ball player should act.

Geo, I love you, but you really disappointed me badly.


Is this really an issue? There are 100+ players that have used illegal drugs to enhance their abilities… and reaped the benefits of HUGE undeserving contracts.

Weed is not a performance enhancement drug… if anything it has the COMPLETE OPPOSITE effect.

How about we focus on the players that are using illegal drugs and changing the record books, distracting their teammates, and ruining the traditions of baseball?

This just in: Babe Ruth drank like a fish!

Does this have anything to do with why he was out of shape coming into the season and hasn’t hit for power this year. I could care less what he does in the offseason so long as it doesn’t involve a PED and he gets the job done during the regular season. More concerned with the Cubs being a terrible team this year than anything else.

I hope this puts to rest the talk of his “slow start” being due to the WBC (or should that be the “Wake-and-Bake Classic?).



So true, now THIS is an issue? I don’t think so. This team should be able to carry an out of shape, catcher hitting .222 whether he is smoking pot or not. I don’t condone it but I don’t make this an issue. The real issue gets swept under the carpet all the time by these “side stories” as if this is a soap opera. What’s next…”Desperate Cubs’ Wives”? Geo may or may not be having a sophomore jinx season, we can afford to find out as there is nobody knocking down the door to catch for this patthetic team. Thanks to Hendry every little thing becomes a distraction since he sabotaged the team from the get go by his disatrous wheeling and dealing. He’s a poor excuse for a GM and I have gained new found respect for David Kaplan as I hear him on the post game show diss Hendry’s moves in the most diplomatic way possible. Still, reading beteween the lines he must be as frustrated with Hendry’s offseason moves as I am and many of you must be as well.

As long as he’s not a pothead, it’s fine. He’s young. We were all young once.

On another note, are the Cubs seriously trying to get back Mark DeRosa? I didn’t like that they got rid of him in the first place, but now having him back is looking really good right now…

Is Soto NOT human? Don’t all humans make mistakes? I can’t believe how this is the big issue for this ball club. Soto’s mistake coupled with the Sammy Sosa steroid use is embarrassing for all Cub fans. Why doesn’t MLB release the names of all steroid users at once and not in bits and pieces. Get it out in the open and let’s move on people! Oh and while we’re at it, let’s release the names of all players who smoked a little pot during their career. Would that surprise the media? And…I don’t think Soto is the guy making a bad name for ball players to the young fans. How about the media! I love Soto! By no means does this issue help his sophomore slump but it’s time to move on….

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