Jake Fox & home run calls

Jake Fox is making a case to stay when Aramis Ramirez returns. Fox hit his first Major League home run in the first inning Thursday, a three-run shot. The Cubs also got a break in the first when Miguel Cabrera’s fly ball to right hit the top of the wall, and should’ve been ruled a home run. The Tigers didn’t challenge second base umpire Tim McClelland’s call, although it appeared that players watching in the clubhouse saw the replay and then told manager Jim Leyland. It was too late. That’s a break for the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


Jake Fox should stay on this team when Ramirez returns, and he should platoon at 1B with Hoffpauir. Hendry should package D. Lee while he’s hot in a trade for a lead off 2nd baseman or centerfielder. Soriano should practically be given away along with Fukodome and Bradley, Hendry should fall on his sword, admit his terrible deals have all backfired and clean house of all the useless, defensively challenged, overpaid primadonna players making room for NATIONAL LEAGUE style players. Or, even better, he should just resign and let a more competant person be GM to clean up after the mess he created. Hendry has to go. DeRosa!

I am a huge supporter of Jake Fox! He very well could be a Godsend to Cubs with his power bat. Oh by the way, he hits for average too! Jake cant be any worse that Soriano is in left field right?! He hit is First dinger yesterday and second blast today. I have been saying once he was given more at bats that it would be a matter of time before he gets off and started mashing the ball. Once he is able to jump on breaking and off speed pitches LOOK OUT NL! I do not agree to the notions of trading him to AL because he doesnt have a place in field. GIVE HIM A SPOT!

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