6/27 Bradley update

Lou Piniella said he was right in what he did, but not in what he said to Milton Bradley on Friday. The two met prior to Saturday’s game and the manager apologized to the outfielder for comments he made in the clubhouse. Bradley was in the lineup and batting third.

On Friday, Bradley threw his helmet and one of the water coolers after a bad at-bat, and Piniella told the outfielder to go home. He left after the sixth inning. Piniella then followed Bradley into the clubhouse, and the two exchanged words. 

“I don’t want problems with players,” Piniella said Saturday. “I don’t want problems with anybody. This job is tough enough to have confrontations. It was only for a few seconds — it wasn’t long.”

What was also bothersome to Piniella and several of the Cubs players was that the comments the manager made were leaked.

“We have the sanctity of a clubhouse here,” PIniella said. “I’m disappointed that something like that gets out. There are a lot of heated things that are said in the clubhouse at times and they should stay there.”

Bradley spoke to a handful of reporters prior to Saturday’s game.

“The last time somebody called me a piece of [expletive], I tore my ACL,” Bradley said, referring to an incident when he was with the Padres and got into an argument with umpire Mike Winters. “I know how to deal with that.

“It’s Lou Piniella, you know what I’m saying?” Bradley said. “To me, Lou Piniella is somebody. If it’s a motivating tactic and he’s taking a different switch — people were saying he didn’t have fire — then I understand. I heed what he has to say. It matters. I take it to heart. I’ll be better for it.”

Bradley said he’d never had a manager tell him to leave a game. He tried to put the matter behind him.

“My head’s fine,” Bradley said. “I never had a problem mentally. Sometimes I react bad about things but I”m an extremely intelligent individual. I don’t see why my head wouldn’t be clear.”

Does he feel as if he’s being singled out?

“Like I’ve said, I don’t have the same set of rules as other people,” Bradley said. “I’ve made mistakes in my past, so you don’t get the leeway that other people might get. Considering the circumstances, I guess it’s fair.”

Piniella said he was worried someone could get hurt when Bradley — or anyone — hurls objects in the dugout.

“I’ve broken three or four helmets,” Bradley said. “It’s nothing drastic.”

Can he still have a relationship with Piniella?

“I don’t have a problem with Lou at all,” Bradley said. “It’s hard for me to get upset with a teammate. He’s the manager, he’s more than a teammate. Initially, I was just kind of shocked at how everything just happened suddenly.”

Bradley was surprised Piniella followed him into the clubhouse.

“He told me to get out of here, so I left,” Bradley said. “Then he continued to yell at me some more.”

Bradley signed a three-year, $30 million contract with the Cubs this past offseason, but has struggled at the plate, and was batting .237. He’s frustrated with his performance, and may lead the National League in helmets broken. Others on the Cubs have had fits — Carlos Zambrano took a bat to the Gatorade cooler at Wrigley Field and Ryan Dempster punched it with his left hand. On Friday, Carlos Marmol threw one of the Gatorade coolers, too.

But Bradley has topped them all in terms of repeat offenses. Piniella had enough.

“This has been going on for awhile,” Piniella said of Bradley’s tantrums. “I’ve talked to the other people, too. The first thing is you don’t want people getting hurt. I’ve talked to a couple other people here rather strongly about it. Yesterday, I was right in doing what I did. I probably should’ve just stay in the dugout. I heard him mumbling some things and I followed him up. I’m sorry it happened and I wish it hadn’t. That’s all I can say.”

— Carrie Muskat


Wow, Ok, Wow.

Bradley’s comments about his intelligence and how the rules are different for him, speak for themself. I said it was a mistake to sign Bradley in the first place, the man has had problems at every stop in his career and I stand by those thoughts more than ever. The Cubs should cut their losses like Detroit did with Gary Sheffield before his cancer spreads throughout the clubhouse.

Perhaps the Cubs should just mount a punching bag in the dugout?

Here’s a thought Milton. You tell Lou how many outs there are and he’ll tell you how many World Series rings he has. Evidently, at that particular time, he felt you were a peesuh crap and he said as much. Ok, that’s vulgar and objectionable, but so is forgetting how many outs there are in a curicial situation and also rolling over and giving up on mediocre fastballs and sliders. Here, let me spell it out for you.
Maybe you feel that’s not what they pay you to do. I beg to dfiffer. That’s all Lou and the Cub fans ask and expect of you.
Jesus Christ. Give me some of your paycheck and I’ll go out there and play. I’ll fail miserably, but doggonnit, I’ll hustle. Jim Hendry made a HUGE mistake signing you. I hope you’re gone by the trading deadline. I’m NOT your manager, but Lou was right. You are a peesuh crap.

You guys are wrong, Lou had not right to tell a player to go home and call him a piece of sh*t. Bradley said dall the tight things.

Why r you all hating on him, hes batting 275 since Early May, and has been a better defender then Ibanez, dunne, and Abreu. Its hard to get Rbi’s when you team has the one of the worst offenses in baseball.

You all didnt wasnt the cubs to sign Ibanez in the offseaon cause you said he old and will not play up to exceptions, but as soon as he plays great, you instantly say””i knew we should of gotten him from the beginning.”

no wonder they call Cub fans the most ignorant is the game as well as the stupidest. Im a huge cubs fan, but hey shut-up. The cubs have played very bad but there still 3.5 GB, with the best 3B in the NL, or atleast a top 2 or 3 inactive.

How often does the best team win the WS? Its usually the team wit hte lest media pressuse. But first thers a lot of work to be done. LIKE get a reliever.

This team sucks, they don’t even know how to play basic baseball. Jim Hendry needs to be fired since he doesn’t have the good sense to leave on his own, he blamed Dusty, then Kerry, and finally DeRosa. As a fan, we stood behind him through it all. Now it’s time for him to go, he should have been fired when the cubs cleaned house and fired the president..oh….and take Rothschild with him!!!

If I was Lou I would have done it a lot sooner, I’ve seen it in the past pay some guy big bucks and they forget how play and HUSTLE, and any little league player knows how many outs there are and how many times do you see everyone hold up fingers on how many outs there are, Is he like my cousin vinny needs thicker glasses. A point should also be made about Soriano how many singles has he turned into doubles (mind you I’m not talking about his batting), It’s his defense, taking wrong angles to base hits, and his lack of HUSTLE, the National league central is not gone to be handed to them, they need to WORK at it. They are in a tuff central division.
Thats all i have to say about that

To bad Bradley has decided not to use the talent him has. A read “quiter”

First of all, I would like to address the comment made by chieft22 regarding how the Cubs fans are the most ignorant in the game. I would be careful who I called ignorant if I had made as many spelling and typing errors as you did. Here’s a little tip for you, read your post before you hit send. As for the situation with Bradley, most people have already stated the obvious. He has not turned out to be the great trade Hendry thought he was getting. That is clear. However, what will it take to bench him or send him down to AAA? It sure can’t be the money! If you remember last year when Fukedome was not batting up to par, they benched him in the second half. He is making more than Bradley, so what will it take to sit his *** down and put Reed Johnson in for the rest of the season? Reed has proven to be a better player in every aspect of the game. He deserves the position in my opinion. When he gets off the DL it should be a no brainer!

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