6/28 Quick hits

The Cubs were a little short-handed Sunday. Lefty Sean Marshall wasn’t available after pitching in four straight games, and infielder Aaron Miles is still bothered by a sore right elbow. Miles hyperextended his elbow last Wednesday, and hasn’t played since.

* Aramis Ramirez did take batting practice for the third day, and is moving closer to a rehab assignment. There is soreness after his BP sessions, but he says that’s normal. He hasn’t hit since he injured the shoulder May 8.

* Piniella was asked if he was frustrated by the Cubs this year.

“How many below .500 seasons have the Cubs had in their franchise history?” he said. “We’re one game under .500, and we’re having all kinds of problems here. It’s not where you’re at in June, it’s where you finish. The injuries, they’ve taken away from what this club can do. You know they’re part of the game, too. I’m not frustrated. I enjoy winning but, look, we still have a lot of baseball to be played. We have 90-something games to play and a lot can happen in 90-something games. Let’s stay positive. I’ve seen some nice signs the past couple days.”

— Carrie Muskat


This team sucks, they don’t even know how to play basic baseball. Jim Hendry needs to be fired since he doesn’t have the good sense to leave on his own, he blamed Dusty, then Kerry, and finally DeRosa. As a fan, we stood behind him through it all. Now it’s time for him to go, he should have been fired when the cubs cleaned house and fired the president..oh….and take Rothschild with him!!!


I can’t stand watching this pathetic team. Milton Bradley sucks and he was the worst pick up I have ever seen. I rather they send him to the minors and when Ramirez comes back let Fox play right field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMEN, AMEN AND HalleLOUya!!!! My brothers and sisters.
The DeRosa debacle continues to plague Hendry (and us) and he alone is responsable for this mess even IF Lou in some state of temporary mental illness endorsed the Bradley signing…Hendry should still have known better than to sign him and his baggage. If it was a ONE YEAR deal I could have cut him some slack for trying SOMETHING, but a possible THREE YEAR DEAL???? When was the last time Bradley got a THREE YEAR deal??? All other GMs knew to stay away from him for THAT long. Look at Texas, they are a better team without him and they are playing without
their “Aramis Ramirez”, Josh Hamilton and they are still playing well. EVERYONE knew about Bradley except our brainiac GM. He chooses Bradley a better right handed hitter than left handed hitter to…get more LEFT HANDED???
What a joke. I have no hope that Hendry can correct his mistakes and little hope that our new GM (yes, I must cling to the fact eventually Hendry will go away) can correct Hendry’s mistakes, that’s how bad Hendry handcuffed the future (and present) of this organization. How can anybody defend Hendry’s decisons? I hear from David Kaplan that NOBODY is hurting more tha Hendry with the way the team is going..really Kap? I don’t think so. Hendry may have “the best intentions”, a “great heart”, he may be “a great guy and friend”… the bottom line is despite all that HE HAS DONE A TERRIBLE JOB AS OUR GM AND NEEDS TO BE FIRED.

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