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Mark DeRosa is back in the National League Central, but with the Cardinals, who acquired the versatile player from the Indians Saturday night for reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named later. The Cubs did talk to the Indians about re-acquiring DeRosa, whom they dealt to Cleveland for three Minor League pitchers on New Year’s Eve. But the Cubs felt the Indians’ asking price was too high. Cubs GM Jim Hendry won’t be in Chicago Sunday to address the matter; he had planned a trip to meet with one of the team’s Draft picks. Good news for DeRosa fans is he’ll be in Chicago July 10-12 with the Cardinals.

— Carrie Muskat 


Are you kidding me? DeRosa gets traded to the Cardinals. What the heck is Jim Hendry thinking? I understand of not trading the farm for a veteren but the Cardinals traded Chris Perez for DeRosa. CHRIS PEREZ! You mean to tell me the asking price was too high & then the Cardinals land him for a pitcher who is in the back end of a bullpen. If nothing else even if there was a hint that Cardinals were going after him I would have jump as soon as AR went down. So tell me again why we signed Aaron Miles to a two year contract & DeRosa is going to come back & haunt the Cubs. For all the times I backed Jim Hendry this one has he has really messed up.I am baffled & I 100% disagree with him. This one my cost us the division.

Hendry will never hear the end of it from Cubs fans on this one. It was bad enough he traded DeRo but now that he is on our rivals team its worse. Plus Bradley is a complete bust. PLus the Cards got him for Perez and a player to be named later – what is that, we couldn’t have offered them Hart and Patton for Christ’s sake. This will likely blow up in Hendry’s face and if it cost the team a playoff appearence it wouldn’t be surprising if it cost him his job. Nice one Hendry, you screwed up a 97 win team and have handcuffed the Cubs with big money long term no trade-clause contracts for years to come. New ownership should find a new GM and fast.

Are you dumb? Chris Perez is the real deal, and will e a great closer! It would of cost the Cubs Randy Wells and probably John Guab.

It seems the indignity of being a Cubs fan just knows no limits….I’ve despised Hendry since he traded Maddux straight up for the immortal Cesar Izturis (yes, THAT Cesar Izturis)… the DeRosa debacle. I can forgive screwing up and letting him go but blowing the chance to get him back so that the Cardinals (the Cardinals!!!) could grab him and lord that over us for god knows how long…..that I cannot forgive. The asking price was too high? You mean higher than the $30 million you threw away on Milton Bradley? We have to watch his sorry, embarrasing act for 2 more years or until he gets released…..and when DeRosa was in Chicago with the Indians he all but came out and said he WANTED to come back to the Cubs…..face it Cubs fans, we’re all a version of Charlie Brown desperately hoping that this time Lucy will finally hold the football for us to kick….problem is, Lucy is really Jim Hendry!!!


Mark DeRosa is one of my favorite players and this made me sick to my stomach when I heard it on the news last night. I can’t believe that they let him go to the stupid Cardinals!!!! I HATE the Cardinals with a passion!!!! Hendry should have done whatever it was going to take to get DeRo back. What a dumb-a. This is really going to come back and bite the Cubs in the butt.

Two more years to watch Bradley play like a baby when we could have DeRosa back??? Good for the Cardinals to acquire such a great player. I just hope their fans appreciate him like Chicago does. I hope DeRosa finds a home in St. Louis and that their GM appreciates him more than Hendry. No matter which team he plays for, he will always be in the hearts of Cub fans everywhere! Can’t wait to see him in July!!

Let’s hope that the best thing that comes from this unbelievable situation is that it is the final nail in Jim Hendry’s coffin. Of course Hendry’s not in town to ‘address the matter’ – HE IS WHAT’S THE MATTER!!! What a pile of bunk! We could have had DeRo in the line-up yesterday, instead we’ve got a huge loss to the White Sox and the Ram may not be back for even a longer period of time. Everyone knows the Cubs should have been the team to get De Rosa back. We need to unload some of the garbage and salaries we’ve got in the clubhouse. The Indians realized what they had in DeRosa and what they could get for him. That’s something Hendry should be working on right now. D Lee has finally begun to hit the ball and it’s the perfect time to see if we can trade him for some relief pitching which we are in sore need of. It’s just too bad there aren’t any more ignoramuses in MLB who’d take on Bradley or Soriano and their huge salaries. It makes one want to see St. Louis do well, just to rub Hendry’s stinking nose in it.

I have been a Cub fan for 61 years – but this garbage has me just a hair away of declaring my support for those Cardinals!!!! What a lot of _____!!! I think it is time for Jim Hendry to go and I really mean it! What kind of a general manager cannot admit when he makes a mistake…..and trading Mark DeRosa and THEN failing to get him back when we had the opportunity…..UNFORGIVABLE!!!!! I have had it – I am almost to the point that I feel like I am into self-flagellation every time I watch a Cub game. Come on guys – even if your GM is stupid you can rise above it! Something has to give here!

Lets not forget that DeRosa’s “replacements”–Miles and Freel–can’t stay off the DL and Fontenot has just not hit all that well. Now we’ve got Andres Blanco, whose playing well for a minor league call up. It made me sick to my stomach to know that we traded away a career .270+ hitter and someone who could play LF, RF, 3B, 2B, and 1B without missing a step. Memo to Jim Hendry: THOSE KIND OF PLAYERS ARE HARD TO FIND!!! And now he’s a frickin Cardinal. All so that we could add a left-handed bat and save money for Jake Peavy, who we didn’t even need in the first place.

AMEN, AMEN AND HalleLOUya!!!! My brothers and sisters.
The DeRosa debacle continues to plague Hendry (and us) and he alone is responsable for this mess even IF Lou in some state of temporary mental illness endorsed the Bradley signing…Hendry should still have known better than to sign him and his baggage. If it was a ONE YEAR deal I could have cut him some slack for trying SOMETHING, but a possible THREE YEAR DEAL???? When was the last time Bradley got a THREE YEAR deal??? All other GMs knew to stay away from him for THAT long. Look at Texas, they are a better team without him and they are playing without
their “Aramis Ramirez”, Josh Hamilton and they are still playing well. EVERYONE knew about Bradley except our brainiac GM. He chooses Bradley a better right handed hitter than left handed hitter to…get more LEFT HANDED???
What a joke. I have no hope that Hendry can correct his mistakes and little hope that our new GM (yes, I must cling to the fact eventually Hendry will go away) can correct Hendry’s mistakes, that’s how bad Hendry handcuffed the future (and present) of this organization. How can anybody defend Hendry’s decisons? I hear from David Kaplan that NOBODY is hurting more tha Hendry with the way the team is going..really Kap? I don’t think so. Hendry may have “the best intentions”, a “great heart”, he may be “a great guy and friend”… the bottom line is despite all that HE HAS DONE A TERRIBLE JOB AS OUR GM AND NEEDS TO BE FIRED.
Everybody commenting on this topic is right on the money.
I’d be too embarrASSed as well if I were Hendry to show my face in this city. It’s hard if not impossible to see any of Hendry’s moves being an upgrade, I mean what kind of pathetic method is employing? Even the Freel for Gathright was a lateral if not bad move, at least Gathriright could have played a better defensive center field late in the game…and NOT pull a muscle due to age. Can’t Hendry do us Cubs’ fans one respectful and honorable thing and RESIGN??? His Trading DeRosa really set off a domino effect of nothing but panic and desperation. And Peggy? I know what you mean about even considering rooting for the Cards just to rub Hendry’s nose in the bull@#$! he spread, what kind of GM can be soooooo bad that he gets us thinking about rooting for the CARDS??? arghhhhh!!!DeRosa!

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