6/30 Guzman update

Angel Guzman had an efficient outing Tuesday night for the Class A Peoria Chiefs. Guzman, rehabbing from a strained right triceps, threw 11 pitches (nine for strikes) in one inning in a game against the Kane County Cougars. The right-hander struck out two of the three batters he faced, and the stadium radar gun clocked his fastball at 95 mph. He was expected to make another rehab outing Thursday if there are no setbacks.

— Carrie Muskat


why do the cubs suck so bad??? I have not seen a team with less guts… less heart… and less drive since I have been a fan since 1976… this team has zero chemistry and just refuses to get it done! I wish there were 26 reed johnsons rather than a single soriano, zambrano, lee, fukudome, soto or any other over paid bumb on this “team”! If this team were all reed the Cubs would be in first 10 games up! This “team” is the pits! I am ashamed to call myself a Cubs fan this year and have stopped paying attention… I will always be a CUB fan but not always a fan of the team… I love reed, but cannot stand most of this “team”… It is time for MAJOR changes… Start letting go most of the payroll and start over… by the way… FIRE JIM HENDRY!!! Best of luck, reed…

Bacon…could we throw a couple of Theriots on your team of “all Reed Johnsons”? How about 23 Reed Johnsons, 2 Ryan Theriots and 1 Aramis Ramirez? A little power would help. I agree with everything else, ESPECIALLY FIRING HENDRY!! I bet you’re so hot you can fry yourself! Ha.
What else will have left this season but some laughs? This Hendry team is PATHETIC. DeRosa!!

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