June swoon

Derrek Lee leads the Cubs with 39 RBIs heading into July. The last time the Cubs did not have a player with at least 40 RBIs by the end of June was 1989. Ryne Sandberg was the Cubs RBI leader that year at the end of June with 33. He finished the season with 76. Mark Grace led the Cubs in ’89 with 79 RBIs. He and Andre Dawson each had 27 by the end of June. Both were on the disabled list in the first half and missed time. Thanks to Ed Hartig for the info.

On a positive note, the ’89 Cubs won the NL East by six games.

— Carrie Muskat

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How do Jim Hendry’s moves look now? Just as stupid as they did to many of us fans months ago… Jason Marquis was expendable, after all he only leads the NL with 10 wins and tossed an 86-pitch complete game win over the mighty Dodgers last night.

Then there’s the DeRosa fiasco… But hey, the Cubs kept Carlos and Kosuke and added Milton. Brilliant…

And if Soriano starts in the all-star game, it will just make that event even more of a joke. Yeah, it counts…

If you loved the last century of Cub futility, you apparently ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Mike Kielkopf
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Cubs even smell bad way over in Saudi Arabia! I live in NC and when the wind is blowing south, I can smell them down here. Hendry should have left well enough alone at the end of 2008! I have been a Cub fan all my 73 yrs and once again we are back to a disappointing season. Maybe they can turn it around in the second half, but I doubt it!

George, 73 yrs….man, I “Freel” your pain. It hasn’t been that long for me but you deserve a lot more effort from your team than what you’re getting. Hendry should come to your house and PERSONALLY APOLOGIZE for this sick display of futility. What Hendry did was shameful and pretty much should guarantee his firing as soon as a competant owner gets involved. I’d like to see the “long line” of owners lining up to hire Hendry….The only thing he is good at is…well….uh…hmmm… Oh yeah, HELPING FIRST THE INDIANS AND NOW THE CARDINALS!!! ARGHHH!!!! DeRosa!

Chicagocubs.com is reporting as the headline for highlights for the 07.01.09 Cubs @ Pirates game that: “Derrek Lee extends his hitting streak to 22 games with his 12th homer of the season, a two-run shot that puts the Cubs up early.” Derrek Lee’s hit streak ended at 21 in a loss to the Tigers in late June. The Cubs are playing poorly, but it doesn’t mean the reporting should stink.

Lou has lost it. I’m sorry, but Soriano has been just terrible and it just sets a bad tone for the rest of the team. i.e . Look at our first innings the last two games that Sori has set out. Then he just keeps sending out pitchers that can’t throw strikes. Man I don’t care how lousy your stuff is it is still better to at least make them earn the win instead of just giving them away night after night with walks. Come on Lou. Stop being Hendrys yes man and be a Mgr and manage these guys. Play the guys that are fundamentally sound. Then we will start to get some Ws. Tony In Texas

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