Popularity contest, Part II

Lou Piniella wasn’t offended when he heard about the Sports Illustrated survey of Major League players that voted him the “least favorite” manager to play for. He got 26 percent of the vote from the 380 players surveyed. Ozzie Guillen was second.

“I take that as a compliment,” Piniella told reporters in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. “We demand things and we want to win. There’s pretty good names on that list.”

What is Piniella’s favorite type of manager?

“I’d play for any type of manager, as long as he put up my name in the lineup — that’s the important thing,” Piniella said. “The manager puts your name in the lineup, he’s got confidence in you. That’s it. I’d rather play for a manager I don’t like who puts my name in the lineup then play for a manager I love that sits my [rear end] on the bench.”

He wasn’t going to lose any sleep over the survey. Players were not allowed to vote for their own manager.

“I do the best I can,” Piniella said. “And I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’m proud of my record and I’m appreciative of the players that have played for me to attain that record. That’s the truth. If some of them don’t want to play for me, they can stay where they’re at — I don’t need them.”

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