7/2 Cubs get Baker; Freel gone

The Cubs acquired infielder Jeff Baker from the Rockies for MInor League pitcher Al Alburquerque. To make room on the roster, infielder Ryan Freel was designated for assignment. Baker, 28, batted .268 with 22 doubles, one triple, 12 homers and 48 RBIs in 104 games last year. He played second, first, third and right field.

He’s been limited this season to 12 games because of a sprained left hand. He had been on the DL since April 29 but had been on a rehab assignment. Baker will be in uniform Thursday night for the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


As Harry used to say when he was really frustrated, “Boy oh boy”….hard to figure this one out. I was not keen on Freel as it seemed his better days were behind him but why make a deal for another rehabbing inflelder that will eat up a roster spot? With Rameriz possibly coming back as soon as next week someone will have to go then and it could have been Freel. We have the weakest starting outfield in Soriano, Fukodome, and Bradley of any other team, COMBINED they have 25 home runs!! Pujouls has more than that by himself as do a few other players….we have promising young players like Fuld, Fox, and Hoffpauir but they have to fight for playing time. What’s your best guess about what will be done about the outfield? Keep rolling out the non-producers and let the season go down the drain or give the young guys a chance? And it’s too late to worry about the money we’re paying Soriano/Bradley, that’s gone whether they play or sit on the bench….I’d rather they sit and have a chance to win.

I see Hendry is still chasin’ it. It’s like a disease. One bad bet after another. You lose big on DeRosa and to make up for it, you place bets on longshots. Jimmy, You could’a had DeRosa again. He slipped right through your fingers and went to ST. FRIKKIN’ LOUIS. Of all the places…he had to go to ST. FRIKKIN’ LOUIS. Now, along with Pujols, Molina, and Ludwick, you have to deal with DeRosa. These guys are all CUB KILLERS.
I have a question. Did you even make a stab at Nate McLouth? Or Nyjer Morgan? They were available you know. And the only Pirate left on the roster who hurts us is Freddy Sanchez. WHO HURT US THE OTHER DAY BECAUSE WE PITCHED TO HIM…GAWD!!! I could’a told you he was gonna hit that double with guys on base.
Here’s a thought…..TRADE FOR HIM. HE WAS A LEAGUE BATTING CHAMP. GIVE THEM FONTENOT. WHO IS NOT. This guy will hurt us again. The Busc are dealin’. We should be stealin’.

Oh good !
we need to keep the DL full this year
how much money did we waste on Freel ?

Tampa and Chief, it’s as if I wrote your comments myself, I couldn’t agree more, especially about acquiring YOUNG AND UPCOMING TALENT such as McClouth and Morgan. The thing is I bet all other GMs think that Hendry is so painted in a corner that they ask for nothing but are best prospects thinking Hendry will deal in desperation, that ain’t gonna happen because the area we need most help is the outfiled which currently consists of THREE HUGE HENDRY BUSTS and the closer position ANOTHER HENDRY BUST. Hendry can’t trade for any more of those positions without admitting his ineptness thereby signing his own pink slip so he is left with these little piddly deals that ANYBODY’S TRAINED MONKEY CAN GET DONE. I think it goes like this: Gathright was replaced with Freel who is replaced with Baker, so we essentially have Baker for Gathright???? Like we really needed ANOTHER player who isn’t good enough to win a job in any ONE positon so Hendry labels him “an all around” player that will help us “anywhere” Boy, this really is a blow to the Cardinals and Brewers who must have been drooling to get Baker. Besides, didn’t Hendry hire enough “Bakers” already???? Hendry deserves nothing but the continuous sarcastic comments he’s getting!! DeRosa!!!

Is Hendry drunk?

I love when the Cubs make a move….just to make a move. I give it until the All Star break til hes on the DL

This is just like firing Gerald Perry….Hendry’s gotta look like he’s doing something to earn his pay but he is actually just doing a bunch of nothing, just keep the revolving door spinning with a handful of VERY OBTAINABLE, AAAA level ball players. Who’s next on his radar….Jerry Hairston Jr. AGAIN?? At least Kenny Williams had the insight to get Podsenik and whatever gas is left in his tank, but not Hendry, no, we didn’t need an on base lead-off hitter!!! What a fool. Now we may have a chance with Sam Fuld but his 130 million mistake Soriano will keep yet another kid from developing and advancing. Idiot. What’s sadder than Hendry and his miserable job performance is that nobody higher up than him is noticing what he’s doing? And how he’s mis-appropriating team revenue? So, he traded Gathright (a free agent signing) for Freel, releases freel and trades a promising young PITCHER for another fringe player in Baker…yikes. Baker cost us Gathright and this Albecerquie kid…..C’ MON JIM!!! Use the brain God gave you or step aside!!!!! DeRosa!!

mlbfanwi…I don’t think he’s drunk, maybe he’s high? Cleaning out Geo’s locker and smokin’ some roaches?

joeydafish…must be something like that. hopefully Hendry lucks out again and Baker does good things.

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