Macha on Milton

Milwaukee manager Ken Macha was Milton Bradley’s manager in Oakland. Maybe Macha knows what’s up with the Cubs right fielder?

“I really didn’t watch too much video of him from this year,” Macha said. “He doesn’t like water coolers, how about that? I could have told you that before he got here. He’s an extremely intense guy and he demands a lot out of himself. You don’t come across too many guys with that type of intensity during the game.

“There’s a lot of guys who go through free agency and in their first year they’re trying to prove the contract or trying too hard,” Macha said. “That’s very common. Go ask Barry Zito that question. You get put under a little bit of a microscope and it can get to you because you want to win. You were brought over here to balance the lineup out if you’re a left-handed bat, and he gets put under a microscope.”

— Carrie Muskat


First of all, Milton has always been a better right than lefty, averages. If they wanted a left handed bat that hits over .300 then they should not have got him. I’m waiting for him though. I’ve seen this guy tear up pitches game in and game out. He will break out of it all and carry us to the pennant. That is when we need it.

Like Brian Roberts

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