Leadoff man

Lou Piniella had several possible lineup combinations scribbled on paper all over his desk Friday. In the end, he put Alfonso Soriano back in the leadoff spot vs. the Brewers despite rookie Sam Fuld’s back to back two-hit games batting first.

“Yeah, I thought about it all night,” Piniella said. “We need for Alfonso to start swinging the bat. I have all the confidence in the world with him. He’s back out there in the leadoff spot and hopefully he gives us a spark.”

Soriano, who was batting .179 in his last 35 games, could’ve been dropped in the order. Piniella did consider that option.

“He hasn’t played for a couple days,” Piniella said of Soriano, who has been working with hitting coach Von Joshua. “Let’s put him in the spot he’s familiar with and let’s see if we can get him hot. … Today’s he’s in the leadoff spot and in left field where he’s familiar. Let’s hope he swings the bat — we want him to swing the bat.”

The Cubs will have to make some adjustments in the lineup when Aramis Ramirez returns from his rehab outing on Monday. Reed Johnson was expected to be activated then, too.

— Carrie Muskat


Look, I know that this idea makes the defense horrible, but when Aramis comes back what about making Soriano the second baseman and putting Jake Fox in Left??? I would hate to see Jake wasted while we continue to put out a bad Soriano…..

Give me a break. Move him down in the order until he starts producing and then consider moving him back up. I say bat him eighth. He shouldn’t be batting leadoff and wasting homeruns anyways, even if he does get hot. And I’m glad to see D Lee is getting hot so we can stop listening to people screaming to have him replaced by an unproven Hoffpauir.

This is so ridiculous. How come everyone in baseball and every fan knows that Soriano isn’t leadoff man but Alfonso and Lou? You’re on a winning streak with a guy who can actually lead off and play Left Field, Sam Fuld, so what do you do? Put the guy who can’t lead off or play left field back in the lineup. So far it’s been a great idea for Lou to sit Fuld today, Soriano has gone 0-3 and been boo’d. It’s about time the fans spoke up. Sit this clown down, we HAVE to win these series against our division rivals in order to gain some ground. Why are we messing around and playing a guy who Lou is hoping will turn into a hot hitter. You’re done Soriano, sit until after the All-Star break, watch the game and maybe you’ll get a clue how to hit again. I’ve never been a fan of Soriano and the way he has been playing is definitely one of the reasons why.

What I don’t understand is that the Cubs are supposed to put the best players on the field at ALL times. I don’t care how much money they make, just as long as they produce. Soriano should not be in the line-up let alone leading off or even moving him to second. He hasn’t produced at all, bench him and play Fuld!! I don’t care how much money he makes. Hitting is contagious and he has been getting on. Play the hot bats!!!

Whatever might happen today, Piniella is a fool for putting Soriano in the lead-off spot after the way Fuld has been delivering in the role. Even at his best, Soriano is misplaced as a lead-off hitter, and the way he has been bumbling around in the role this year he’s become a bad joke. He should bat no higher than 6th until he learns to become a disciplined hitter. Does the fact that he’s one of the most overpaid players in baseball require that he play each day? Or is the idea to try to win as many games as possible?

I say we trade soriano and get a bag of balls for him before he isn’t even worth that.🙂 Its time to move on and the all star break is a great time to do it. We could also let him him go and let someone else claim him and at least we would only have to pay half his salary and find a .230 hitter and more with whats left over.

I say we trade soriano and get a bag of balls for him before he isn’t even worth that.🙂 Its time to move on and the all star break is a great time to do it. We could also let him him go and let someone else claim him and at least we would only have to pay half his salary and find a .230 hitter and more with whats left over.

Nice catch, Bradley! Good hitting, Soriano! Sit these losers, play Fox in left, Fuld in right.

Von Joshua is working miracles. Soriano went 0-for-5, BUT
struck out not once. He only left two runners on third, AND
he did not make an error. Plus, he did not turn a double into a single by not hustling. So all in all, for Alfonzo it was
a good day. What do you guys want for $17 million, jeez.
Oh, one more thing, he will be patroling LF fo another five

As for Milton. Lets see, he switch-hits, over .300 as a righty,
under .200 as a lefty. Okay, the Cubs need more lefty hitters, but with this disparity, why not just hit right-handed
when there is a 130-point difference.

And when Aaron Miles comes back we can unload either
Fuld or Blanco and get another .190s switch-hitter in the mix.

And representing the Cubs in this year’s ASG…..Randy Wells? The Cubs are 39-38. Now that is a miracle.

well soriano and bradley are proven hitters so I’m not giving up on them yet for fuld and fox but I just don’t understand why pinella won’t move soriano down in the order.

The reason why Lou doesn’t place Soriano down in the line-up is because baseball is no different than the rest of the world, MONEY TALKS!!!!!! If you think about it the cubs are one game over five hundred batting only seven guys (when Bradley is batting lefty, which is most of the time!!!!) Not bad!

It reminds me of Lovey Smith not wanting to admit Grossman stunk.. We had to lose a super bowl game to get him to sit him out. You play the team that work— That last two games showed a real good team. It is so important for the leadoff guy to get a hit the first inning. Sorry never gets a hit the first inning and sets the momentum . The Ok pitcher starts to think he can pitch good and the hitters start to think they cant hit.. Fuld was that spark and they sat him out… Geesh I guess we have to blow the WS to get Lou to sit Sorry out.. and for Bradley–Trade him for a relief pitcher..

Obviously, Lou knew what he was doing. He had Soriano bat lead-off and the Cubs won. Bradley delivered his usual contribution in the clean-up role, and the Cubs are winners (one game over .500). Who could ask for anything more?

The tricky thing about Bradley (not to defend him) is that he bats righty against lefty pitching and lefty against righty pitching, and since there are more rightys he bats lefty a heck of a lot more. This won’t change because he is expected to bat lefty and was signed as a lefty. We can’t forget that rant that Lou had after our debacle against the Dodgers last October, that we did not have enough leftys in the top of the order (and our crappy leadoff hitter, but curiously Lou didn’t mention his strikeouts).

When it comes down to it were cubs fans and sad to say but were use to this bull ****…. I miss dawson and grace

Allz i got to say is were cubs fans yeah its frustrating but were always gonna b cubs fans… Now if it was complete anarchy then i guess that b different

finally i heard today that soriano will bat in the 6 hole about time already.we should put fuld to play more and be the leadoff thats the key for us to win.if we let fuld be the leadoff we will be very dangerous.



I’m glad D. Lee his hot too, but as far as Hoffpauir replacing him? If a miracle should happen and the inept Jim Hendry can trade D. Lee for some talent WHERE we NEED IT, like a Brian Roberts at second or a bonafide center fielder/lead-off man then at least we would have a capable (if not proven) option to replace Lee. How does one become proven anyway? I’m just saying a savvy GM might want to consider striking while the iron (Lee) is hot that’s all. But it won’t happen because Lee is the only Hendry player playing well now and Hendry needs to save face AND he is not a savvy GM and won’t make such a bold move.

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