7/4 Lineup

Lou Piniella dropped Alfonso Soriano to sixth in the lineup for Saturday’s game against the Brewers. It’ll be CF Fukudome, SS Theriot, 1B Lee, RF Bradley, 3B Fox, LF Soriano, C Soto, 2B Fontenot, P Harden.

Piniella talked to Soriano Saturday morning at his locker about the switch.

“Sixth is fine,” Soriano said. “I know I haven’t done my job batting leadoff. I hope whoever is batting leadoff does a better job than I’m doing and helps the team win. That’s the key — trying to help the team win.”

Piniella felt the move would take some of the pressure off Soriano.

“Now, batting sixth, I can take a lot of pressure off myself and I hope I can do a better job for the team,” Soriano said.

The left fielder talked to Piniella before the season started and told him that if the manager wanted to move Soriano, he was open.

“The most important thing is to be in the lineup and help the team win,” Soriano said.

Piniella said this isn’t a day to day thing, but that he would stay with this lineup for awhile.

“We’re going to see if we can get Sori jump started and move him to the six hole where he doesn’t have to concern himself with trying to get on base or running,” Piniella said. “Let him swing the bat. Hopefully it works out. It’s helped other hitters when they do that, and hopefully it helps Sori.”

— Carrie Muskat



Yay! Yay! Yay!

I think batting 10th would be a better spot for him and bradley batting 11th .

better bradley bat 50 th. why is he playing? where is hofpaur? fontanow is not hitting play blanco. bradley is a joke

The last time I checked you play to win the game. Piniella is to blame hear by putting out the wrong lineup on a everyday basis. Bradley needs to sit and so does Soriano. Let fuld play. I have watched him bat 8 times and he has looked beter in every at bat then Sorinal has looked all year. I am starting to lose respect more and more each day for Piniella and Hendry.

I think this can only help Fonsi. I think he’s trying to do too much to break his slump and he is swinging at everything. I know he’s a free swinger, but we need this guy to get hot and when he does look out because he will hit 5 homers in a week and propel the Cubbies to 1st place in the Central and they won’t look back.

I would send Sori , Bradley, Fontenot and maybe a few others to Iowa. Maybe they could win the PCL.

First of all Dustin, you can judge a batter from 8 at-bats. Bear in mind that in Fuld’s 76 plate appearances before he was called up from AAA Iowa, he batted .222 (and that’s against minor league pitchers). To put things in perspective, Soriano is batting .226 this season in the major leagues. Fuld’s performance is just not sustainable. He’s a great defensive replacement and has plus speed, but that is the extent of his value. Also, let’s not compare Bradley to Soriano. Soriano’s effort on the field (especially on defense) is haphazard, while Milton goes as hard as he can every time. Maybe Bradley’s not seeing results, but at least he’s putting in 100% to try and right the ship. I hope Soriano says in the bottom of the lineup all season or is traded (not going to happen), and that Bradley turns it around in the second half… and is a hero in September and October!

I’m a french cubbie and i never miss a game on my computer but i don’t understand Piniella.Why Soriano and bradley are always in the line up ? This is a joke.Send them to Iowa. Where is Fuld, he’s the future mlb star.And also why hoffpauir never plays ?
Team hitting is 246 !!!!
Please lou ,remove bad hitters and let play young and good hitters.
Let’s go Cubs

Are you kidding me right now? Soriano is back in the lineup? Does Lou not want to win? You have a guy who can actually lead off, play left field, and you replace him with the guy who has consistently gone 0-4 0-5 in games. Soriano batting 6th will not change anything he needs to be on the bench. I can’t believe this Lou contradicts himself, “if you produce you’ll play” yet Fuld produced and he has been benched for the guy who hasn’t produced. This is why this team is a joke this year, Lou is more concerned about getting the high dollar players in the game whether they can play or not. The Rays did it last year with nonamers, the Marlins do it every year with no namers, and then the Cubs are more concerned about playing big named/high dollar players. Soriano hasn’t hit well for over a month, it’s time to move on to someone who can. Lou your lineups and double standards are why this team will go nowhere this year.

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