7/4 Soriano update

Alfonso Soriano went 0-for-4 Saturday batting sixth for the Cubs for the first time this year, and he’ll be back there on Sunday in the series finale against the Brewers. Lou Piniella says he plans on watching film of Soriano’s swing Sunday. He’d like to see the left fielder close his stance a little and put more weight on his back leg. Still, it has to feel comfortable for Soriano.

“Give the young man a chance,” Piniella said. “I know he’s struggled, but let’s give him a chance. He’s done it in the past, and there’s no reason he can’t get it done now. Let’s not look at this every at-bat, every game. Let’s sit back and watch this and see what happens.”

— Carrie Muskat



My question is this: With Ramirez and Johnson set to rejoin the team Monday, where will they put Jake Fox? He’s hitting well and I would hate to see him out of the lineup. Would there be a chance that they bench Soriano or Bradley, or both? I can’t help but think that production matters more than salaries at this point.

Very true home boy and i couldnt agree with u more on what matters most point… Fox needs to see plenty of time somewhere whether its splitting time in right and left and a little 3rd what do u think?

Soriano is a class act. He lays off the slider low and away and don’t ya know it, the umpire rings him up. Soriano didn’t throw a tantrum. Just displays great sportsmanship. He is going to work through this…he is due to break out of it. Fox and Fuld are bench players similar to Hoffpauir; they both showed great potential, but not ready to replace Cubs starters on a daily basis ( and then look at Casey McGee).
Go Cubs!

I dont think there is even a choice…Pinella MUST move Soriano to 2B in order to keep Fox in the line up in LF.

While I absolutely agree that Soriano will be a disaster waiting to happen at 2B…of all your .230ish hitting second basemen on the roster (Fontenot, Miles, Blanco) Soriano is the best choice of the 3 if it enables Fox to stay in the every day lineup on a team that MUST score runs to win.

However, as I am a glass half full type of guy – much to my surprise – Sorianos career fielding stats at 2B are not awful and he has played almost exactly the same number of games in his career as Chase Utley with Sorianos offensive numbers better than Utley in some categories and equeal to Utley in others. This move MUST be made.

I don’t get how Lou thinks Soriano HASN’T already been given a chance. Sure he MAY return to form but as he slumps…he gets older, slower and certainly less capable of playing a sound defensive left field. The only upside is if Pinella/Hendry MUST keep him on the field because of his very bad contract then Lou has nothing to lose by playing him in either left field or second base, might as well let him slump at second if it means Fox plays left field, either way the defense suffers with him in the line up but you exchange Fontenot’s bat for Fox’s. Might be the best way out, whatever we fans are stuck with him, Bradley and Fukodome….Thanks a lot Jim!!! DeRosa!

Insane that there are people out there who are yet to be convinced that Soriano’s All-Star days are long but over. Insane is his hitting approach, and insane is his inability to realize that if he doesn’t change his hitting approach, his days of stardom are over. Needless to say, he has no leadership skills, he proves over and over again that he has no mental sharpness in the field or on the base paths, and his “swing at everything” philosophy is so obvious…why would any pitcher ever throw him a strike? Soriano is perhaps the easiest out in the league…all any pitcher has to do is have the confidence to never throw him a pitch in the zone. Bench him soon, and give the Cubs a chance.

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