Final vote

OK, who would you pick among the National League Home Run Derby contestants? The list includes Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez. Both Micah Hoffpauir and Ryan Theriot agreed that Pujols has the best swing.

“If you’re talking strictly home runs, I’d have to say Prince or Howard,” Theriot said.

“[Howard] has got more of a line drive swing, Hoffpauir said. “He’s a home run hitter and has a home run swing.”

What about the Final Vote contenders? The NL list includes Pablo Sandoval, Cristian Guzman, Matt Kemp, Mark Reynolds and Shane Victorino. The AL list is Ian Kinsler, Brandon Inge, Chone Figgins, Adam Lind and Carlos Pena.

“I think Guzman would help the team the most because he’s more versatile,” Theriot said. “But Mark Reynolds, how many homers does he have? Eighteen, nineteen? This guy does damage.”

“Sandoval is hitting .350 something,” Hoffpauir said. “The All-Star Game is not about the best players in the league, because otherwise there wouldn’t be a vote and it’d be the same players every year. It’s about who has the best year. I would say Sandoval.”

“Mark Reynolds plays on a terrible team and he’s putting up huge numbers,” Theriot said. “He’s having a good year. plus, he’s a good dude.”

Theriot’s pick among AL Final Vote players is Lind.

“I’d vote for Lind over Kinsler, but I think Kinsler should have made it regardless,” Theriot said.

— Carrie Muskat

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