Black & blue

Apparently, there are some people who don’t believe Ryan Dempster’s story about how he fractured his big toe. The Chicago Tribune should have a photo of Dempster’s fall over the dugout railing in Wednesday’s paper — the photographer who was at Sunday’s game when the pitcher hurt himself in the freak accident snapped it, not knowing what he had.

And, having seen Dempster’s toe, it is ugly. His right foot is almost all purple from the bruise, there was still some blood under the nail of his big toe, and it’s all swollen. The Cubs can only hope he is a quick healer.

— Carrie Muskat  


Yes, Carrie, a picture would be worth a thousand words since the way it was reported at least once sounds like it was a foolish move on one of the most relied-upon pitchers on the roster. I think it was WGN that reported Dempster as having jumped over the railing from the dugout or something to that effect. Shoot, he may as well have gone out to practice football with some college team on his day off in the hopes of not getting injured. Some of these guys think they are unbreakable and they are far from it. I remember when Boone got injured playing basketball or something a few years ago. I think that voided his contract. If players aren’t going to use common sense I don’t blame teams for attaching similar riders to the contracts.

I was at the game Sunday and saw the fall/trip. When the game ended, he tried to jump over the railing instead of going to one of the openings at either end of the dugout. It looked like he put his hand on the top bar and tried to swing his legs over (similar to a move to get on a horse, except you go all the way over). I was in the centerfield bleachers, so I couldn’t tell who it was or that he was hurt. The last I saw he was laying on the ground and I figured whoever it was, was just embarrassed.

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