Report: Cubs interested in Ryan

The Cubs are expected to make a run at former Blue Jays closer B.J. Ryan when he clears waivers on Monday, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune. If the Cubs did add Ryan, they could put Sean Marshall back in the rotation. Ryan was placed on waivers with $15 million remaining on his five-year, $47 million deal. Toronto will be paying the bulk of Ryan’s salary. He’d be a good addition if Ryan can regain the velocity that made him a dominant reliever. Marshall is the only left-hander in the bullpen, and the Cubs don’t have an option in the Minor Leagues. Neal Cotts, who was on the Opening Day roster, is out for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

— Carrie Muskat



So does this mean we’re already giving up on Hart? We’ll need more than 1 lefty in the bullpen anyway, hopefully Dempster can come back soon! Another note, Marshall is much better out the bullpen than as a starter….

I hope B. J. Ryan isn’t another Dave La Roche, that is a once great reliever who fell into mediocrity after injuries, especially in his back. I like the idea of two bullpen lefties. Really don’t want Marshall in left field anymore. Of course, Soriano isn’t necessarily all that much better.

Not really sure how I feel about this move. You are adding another lefty which is a plus, but I really don’t see them adding BJ just to put Marshall back in the rotation. The rotation is set with only Lilly being the only left handed starter on the mound every 5th game. That’s ok with me. The right handers on our team are a lot better than we give them credit for. I think BJ would be a great move if they want to strengthen the bullpen. HOPEFULLY he doesn’t disappoint and can represent a STRONG bullpen by years end.

This is a really low risk potentially beneficial move. He won’t cost much and it puts a veteran lefty in the bulpen which could be worth more than just his pitching. Sign him, send him to AAA to see if he is worth it, if he isn’t then thats part of the gamble. This team doesn’t have alot of money to work with so a cheap low risk like this is probably the best Hendry will be able to before the deadline. The new ownership will not affect this year since it won’t be finalized till the season is almost over. So for now cheap options are the only options, Marshall has been excellent in the pen, far better than a starter. Lets just play better ball in the second half.

I don’t agree with this move. This guy will not strenthen the bull pen. The Cubs need a quality defensive shortstop.

I think this might help..but I dont really know much about Sean Marshall, so I really cant know for sure I guess.

IIf we need a lefty and he is half as good as he used to be, go for it!! Especially if we can get him for basically nothing!! But watch out, we wouldn’t want to put our stellar .500 record in jeopardy!! HA! I can’t believe how average this team is with the payroll we have!!!

NOTHING is low risk when Hendry is your GM. He can easily overpay and overtrade for any player including another teams discards. This move however even Hendry may be able to NOT SCREW UP. Maybe similar to his pick ups of Edmonds and Johnson, two of his very good albeit rare moves. If he’s made available we need to see what he’s got left in the tank. I would hope he would be AN ADDITION to Marshall in the bullpen and not his replacement. I think the rotation, although not stellar is good enough to win the division. Lilly, Wells, Zambrano, Dempster, hmmm…on second thought we may need to put Marshall in there as I forgot that Harden SUCKS. I thnk Hart can fill in for Dempster. All the money locked into Soriano, Bradley and Fukodome could have been and should have been spent on both the bullpen and rotation. We certainly would be better off with a much stronger pitching staff with the likes of Johnson in left (better defense and instincts than Soriano), Fuld in center (better defense and speed than Fukodome) and Hoffpauir in right (as good as defense if not better and a better hitter than Bradley) then the sorry outfield and bullpen we have now. Didn’t Hendry know that Bradley was a much better RIGHT HANDED HITTER than he was a left handed hitter? Didn’t he realize his career average was around .280? He basically handed Bradley the huge money based on ONE YEAR’S PERFORMANCE!!! What kind of GM does that????

^^^^Really dude, Fuld in CF instead of Fuku??????? He may have more speed, but right now Fukudome is our BEST OF defensivly. Where the hell have you been

Duuuude! Of course RIGHT NOW Fukodome is our best DEFENSIVE outfielder…what a ringing endorsement. Ivebeen “right here” watching all year Fukdodome playing a very good RIGHT FIELD, his natural positon and the position Hendry signed him for but just a “pretty good” center field, the position he is FORCED to play because Hendry realized he isn’t the OFFENSIVE player he thought he would be.
Yeah, I think we would be better off with Fuld in center both defensivley and offensively, it wouldn’t take Joe Dimaggio type stats to surpass Fukodome. While he certainly is a good defensive outfielder I would hope you would admit he has been a dissappointment if not at least a very inconsistant hitter. I’d love to see Fukodme as our fouth outfielder with more all-around talented starting outfielders. Hey, I don’t mean to bash Fukodome, he is not THE problem. What I am saying is that Hendry should have known he had some very talented minor leaguers as options IN THE OUTFIELD and the money he spent on Soriano, Bradley and Fukodome was mis-directed. Most of which should have been used to address the entire pitching staff, especially the bullpen. It seems Hendry was hell-bent on acquiring “star” outfielders at all costs until he got it right. Well…Soriano, followed by Fukodome and now Bradley? Three strikes and you’re out Jim!

Also dude, I realize we Cubs fans are going to have our own, personal and diverse opinions regarding players, trades, etc. I would think that most of us would agree that Hendry dropped the ball a little bit in filling the lead-off spot in the batting order? MAYBE Fuld could be the solution? He shows more promise of being a good lead-off hitter with speed than Fukodome, right? Maybe? We gotta try something to fill the obvious deficiancies lead-off being one of them. Brian Roberts is not headed our way, Soriano is a failure (at lead-off) and Fukodome is not well suited for it either, especially when he gets in his human corkscrew swingin’ rut. Hendry could have done at least a little better prioritizing the needs of his team.

Ok we all have our different opinions on what the Cubs should or shouldn’t do, but hey look at the standings guys we are only 3.5 out and within striking distance. Ok Fonsi, Fuku, and Bradley aren’t going anywhere so get used to it. Bradley sure has me convinced after the DH Sunday. He took his walks and had some solid hits LH. The SO was a ball and Milton is seeing the ball better. We need a 2nd baseman face it guys. Everyone that we’ve put there is batting below .250 and we need production not only there but everywhere. I hope Harden gets better or I think he’ll be dealt. If he does we need another starter.

Also bullpen wise I think Ryan would be ok if he gets back to form. He is cheap at like 3 mil I think but not positive. Any word on him yet? Deal Heilman, Guzman exceeded my expectations, Marshall good, Hart I don’t like as a starter (too many walks), Gregg deal him, Marmol has to cut down on walks, Samardjiza needs to go back to AAA and Patton needs to go. Bullpen help we definately need to have a strong 2nd half. GO Cubs Go!!!!! Lets win the division!!!!

See? All kinds of different opinions. I don’t think Gregg is going anywhere either, get used to that as well. BUT, it does sound like we agree that we wouldn’t mind IF they all went to another team validating that Hendry signed too many guys…that shouldn’t be here. And I agree about Bradley he has me convinced as well, he should be a DESIGNATED HITTER.

Yeah Gregg is going to stay I agree. The Cubs have way to many long term guys out there making it hard for them to move guys. They would have to pay the majority of there salaries making it difficult to get someone of value. If guys continue to struggle (Soriano, Fuku, Bradley) and the ownership gets done soon I look for them to trade 1 or 2 of them in the offseason. I enjoy reading everyones comments and listening to there points of view. Even though they may be different we are all CUBS FANS and want this team to win badly. GO CUBS GO and I look forward to reading everyones comments

I wonder if somebody (Carrie) can come up with a team by team comparison of the quantity and length of contracts. Since I’m always bashing Hendry for giving out too many of them I suppose it would be nice to see if he leads the pack or if there are a majority of other GM’s out there…just …. as…BAD. I’m sure some contracts are justified, like Texiara’s but a player like Soriano? Eight years? AFTER HIS PRIME? C’mon Jim, what were you thinking?

Time for us Cubs fans to have some fun. I’m rating our starting position players’ OVER-ALL abilities on a scale of
1-10. 10 being they would be grouped with the top 5 players of that position in both leagues and 1 being they should be cut from the team….here we go….
C- Soto = 5
1B- Lee = 7
2b – Fontenot (?) = 3
SS – Theriot = 7
3b – Ramirez = 9
LF – Soriano = 3
CF – Fukodome = 5
RF – Bradley = 4

Anybody out there want to chime in? Just for the fun of it during the All Star break.

C- Soto = 5 until he regains his ROY numbers
1B- Lee = 8 If he continues his pace possibly 9
2B- Fontenot = 2 has too many holes in his swing
SS- Theriot = 7 very solid defensively, top 10 in BA every yr
3B- Ramirez = 10 when he regains form one of the best
LF- Soriano = 4 defense blows, when hot can carry a team
CF- Fukudome = 6 great defensively, more consistency
RF- Bradley = 6 when on his game can be a force

Cubsman07, pretty similar ratings. The only player we differ on more than 2 points is Bradley. I agree when he is on his game he can be a force, but his game can only be offensivley, he will never be a force defensivley, that is why I rated him a 4 because right now he sucks as the left-handed bat Hendry mistakenly thought he was.
Did anybody listen to Bruce Wolf on the score this morning?
He was letting Hendry have it!!! Since he was just a “fill-in host” it’s nice to hear somebody that is not worried about his job tell it like it is. Maybe if the Cubs had a “fill-in” manager he would have the stones to play Fuld in center, Johnson in left and Fukodome back in right where he is best suited and damn the contracts, keep Soriano on the bench until he begs to be traded and then Hendry can eat 90% of his salary and move him to an American league team, at least he would be saving the new ownership SOME MONEY…then he can RESIGN.

Get ready to be frustrated Cubs fans! No one can give up a lead and blow a save quite like Ryan….

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