7/17 White House tour, Part II

Derrek Lee, Carlos Zambrano, Micah Hoffpauir, Jake Fox, Reed Johnson and Sam Fuld all took a tour of the White House on Friday, but didn’t get a chance to meet President Obama.

Lee brought his wife and daughter on the tour. This was his second trip to the White House, having attended a dinner a few years ago with then President George W. Bush. Lee would’ve liked to have met Obama.

“I voted for him,” Lee said. “I never met him.”

Fox took plenty of pictures to share with his family, including one of him at the same podium Obama uses for his news conferences.

“The coolest part for me was seeing the behind the scenes stuff,” Fox said.

They peeked at everything from the library to where they do the flower arrangements.

“To me, the most impressive part was all the detail they have in that house, from the architecture to the paintings to the carpet to the themes,” Fox said. “I wish we could’ve seen more of it. They said if [Mr. Obama] wasn’t there, we could’ve seen more of the West Wing. The only part of the West Wing we got to see was the media room.”

Fox didn’t think the President was going to interrupt his schedule for him.

“The only chance we had was that ‘Z’ and ‘D-Lee’ were with us,” Fox said. “[Mr. Obama] would have taken time to see those two. It would’ve been pretty cool if we had a chance to do that.”

— Carrie Muskat

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