The Cubs will add another coach on Monday in Philadelphia. Kyosuke Sasaki, who was Kosuke Fukudome’s hitting coach in Japan and who worked with the Cubs outfielder this offseason, will join the team there. Sasaki was in Chicago earlier this year, and has been getting updates on Fukudome as the season has progressed. He is still consulting teams in Japan.

Lou Piniella said Saturday night that Sasaki would be in uniform for the three-game series vs. the Phillies, barring jet lag. Sasaki was to fly from Tokyo to New York and then Philly.

“We’re going to put him in uniform and let him observe and if need be, he can work with Fukudome all he wants,” Piniella said. “He’s got our blessing.”

Sasaki will then fly to Chicago with the Cubs after Wednesday’s game. Fukudome, who was starting in center and leading off Sunday, has hit safely in eight of his last 14 games and batting .303 in nine games in the leadoff spot.

— Carrie Muskat



This is great, it would be best if the Cubs just signed him or something so he could help Fukudome all year long. It never hurts to have another pair of eyes helping the Cubs with their swings.

Konnichiwa is spelled with 2 n’s….

Check your romaji dictionary. I have lived in Japan for 20 years and believe Konichiwa is spelled with one n, not two. KO-NI-CHI-WA

Konichiwa, Schmonichiwahhhhh!! Just more EXTRA effort to correct a Jim Hendry mistake. We now need to bring in a head shrink coach for Bradley and Soriano. Might as well put all these “extra special high maintainence” coaches in uniform and see if they can play better than their underachieving proteges that Hendry haphazardly signed to ridiculous contracts. Yeah, I know, all my comments are reaming Hendry today..o.k I’ll back off, unless he goes out and signs Adam Dunn to platoon with Soriano to get EVEN MORE LEFT HANDED…yikes!!!

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