7/19 Lineups & roster move

Outfielder Sam Fuld was optioned to Triple-A Iowa Sunday to make room on the roster for Kevin Hart, who was to start the series finale against the Nationals. One thing to watch with this lineup is that both Koyie Hill and the backup catcher, Jake Fox, are starting.

The Cubs lineup:

CF Fukudome

SS Theriot

1B Lee

RF Hoffpauir

3B Fox

LF Soriano

2B Fontenot

C Hill

P Hart

— Carrie Muskat


sure could have used Fuld in left against the Phillies last night. Soriano looked more sorry than ever.

Yep, even the lowly Nationals GM can pull off a trade and get a YOUNG, ATHLETIC, FAST, DEFENSIVE, LEAD-OFF HITTER in Nigel Morgan from the Pirates but Hendry? Nah, who needs that type of player? Hendry will just wait 10 years and THEN sign Morgan to an eight year contract with his best days behind him….hey wait, he already did…Soriano! And on top of it we have what may be our own answer to the great pusuit of the one, the only…Brian Roerts who we all know was THE ONLY OPTION in Hendry’s mind to supplant Soriano at the lead-off spot, yep, if it can’t be Robets then it’s up to Soriano, Fukodome, Johnson at the top of the order…not Sam Fuld, no sir.

I usually agree with you, but I’d have to say that for what we’ve got Johnson may indeed be a good leadoff hitter. The sample has thus far been to small to know for sure, but he’s gotten on base and hits from that spot this past week. Riot’s done pretty well there, too. But no, Sorry and fuku are not the answer. Who was the last good leadoff batter we had anyway? Kenny Lofton? Pierre? Jose Cardenal?

I’d have to say Kenny Lofton.
You can’t possibly be comparing Johnson’s age, speed, athletic ability and PROMISE with Fuld’s? I agree with you that Johnson was a good pick up and a good player but what Fuld showed in his small window of opportunity
far outweighs Johnsons capabilities as an every day, on base, base stealing threat??? Certainly Fuld is deserving of a roster spot if not an every day chance but again, like other players he is blocked by Hendry’s “Americna leaguers”

You’ve made a good point in Fuld. I think he’s the best thing the Cubs have going but the elevator rides he’s taking is not going to be beneficial unless they keep him up here. The roster moves to and from Iowa is confounding. Unless they dump some of the garbage there won’t be room for him. So, that said – let’s make a deal!! Make some room and bring him up and keep him here.

A deal? It’s all our dream…the impossible dream.
The amount of money (and face) that Hendry would lose would be enormous. But let’s dream for a minute….Not that this would be the best outfield Hendry could put together, especially since he was asleep at the wheel and lost out on BOTH Ibanez and Abreu, but it is a feasble scenario: He trades both Soriano and Bradley to American league teams in DESPERATE need of DH’s (dream!) by picking up 70% of their salary (dream!) making them worth the risk to the other team (of course Lou would have to sit their sorry, defensively challenged keesters on the bench until their pride gets them to relinquish the stupid no trade clause Hendry gave them-DREAM!) and then Hendry can salvage at least one of his bad moves by moving Fukodome back to right field (where we ALL know he belongs) giving the team a very good defender (at least) and possibly re-storing some confidence and pride to Fukodome. Hendry then calls up Fuld for every day center field AND lead-off duties while platooning Johnson and Hoffpauir in left field and Johnson spelling the rookie Fuld occassionally in center field. That would be a much more defensive outfield and much more productive, on-base type of line-up to help us avoid all these lousy one and two run losses that keep piling up because Soriano and Bradley either swing from the heals or can’t catch a ball in the outfield. That is of course because Hendry can’t recognize, target and acquire solid, young, MULTI-TALENTED players like Nigel Morgan (traded to Nats) or McClouth (traded to Braves), Pie (thanks for THAT false hope Jim), and now Fuld sent back to the minors because Hendry can’t admit HIS trio of outfielders are a failure.

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