7/20 Quick hits

Ryan Dempster had a good bullpen session on Monday, throwing 60 pitches in his second side session since breaking his right big toe. The next step is to have his foot X-rayed on Thursday to see how he’s progressed.

“If [the X-ray] shows the fusion we’re looking for, he can play a simulated game and then we can schedule him into the rotation,” Lou Piniella said. 

* The rotation for the upcoming series vs. the Reds will feature Randy Wells on Friday, Ted Lilly and Kevin Hart on Saturday or Sunday (the order will be determined later), and Rich Harden on July 27.

* Geovany Soto is still making progress in his rehab in Arizona, but has yet to swing a bat.

* Kosuke Fukudome’s Japanese hitting coach was in uniform and watching BP Monday.

* Monday, for some reason, was “combover” day for some of the players with hair to comb. Mike Fontenot, Ryan Theriot, Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano got in the act — as did Jeff Samardzija, although he required the most gel. Reed Johnson wasn’t able to participate.

— Carrie Muskat


No wonder the Cubs lost so badly. It was not the hitting, the fielding, nor good Phillies pitching and hitting. It was the comb over!!! Some of the more superstitious players consider a certain little blonde infielder’s hair to be good luck, and it is not to be corrupted with gel. It must blow free in the wind.

you should post some pictures of the combovers!!!

yeah, we’ve got serious trouble in the parks and you all are talking about hair…

Soto is making progress but hasn’t swung a bat yet…so we really needed that update, thanks. One would think that when Soto is at least capable of swinging a bat THEN progress is being made. I don’t think we’re hitching our waggon to Soto’s “return to form” anyway. When he’s back, he’s back. Since Fukodome’s personal hitting instructor/guru/tutor/mentor/doctor/savior/life coach etc. etc. is in uniform…can he play better than Fukodome? I think we’re getting too complacent with Fukodome hitting a robust .260/.270 and playing a solid defense and losing sight of the all around offensive machine he was billed as by Hendry which leaves him just another Hendry bust with all the baggage, joining the insurmountable baggage and effort needed to “correct” Soriano’s and Bradley’s shortcomings. Hendry gave Pinella the most high maintainence, underacheiving, overpaid, overrated outfield AT THE SAME TIME….in Cubs’ history…and he still has a job?

I say you send your thoughts to the eventual new owners and they give you Hendry’s job.

Ooh, joeydafish, that is not Carrie or the other goofs talking about bad hair…

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