7/25 Trade winds

There was a rumor circulating Saturday that the Tigers were interested in Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley. Problem is, the person who posted the rumor didn’t ask anyone from the Cubs. That didn’t seem to stop others from taking that rumor and saying it was true.

It’s not true, Cubs officials say, and, fact is, the GMs of the two teams have not talked at all about Bradley or anyone else in recent days.

Bradley, who hit his first career pinch-hit homer in the eighth of the Cubs’ 5-3 win over the Reds, was asked about the speculation postgame.

“I don’t pay attention to rumors,” he said. “I’m one of those guys who is multi-talented and can do a lot of things, so I’m not surprised. It’s just a rumor.”

— Carrie Muskat


You knew this could not be true. They could not part with Bradley this early even though his numbers are no the greatest in the world.

With the trade deadline almost here what are the cubs odds of picking up Freddy Sanchez from the pirates. Sanchez already turned down an extension from the team so you know they want to get rid of him so they can get some value out of him. I think it would fit the cubs well giving us another player like theriot to bat after all of the big boppers.

I hope that it is indeed true. For Milton Bradley he might be better suited to the American League. Look the guy is only thirty-one so he definitely has a few good years left in him. Despite all of the media attention he seems to be a decent guy. He seems to have learned to let things roll of of his back a little and to focus on how he can contribute to the team in a positive way. I think that the Cubs expected too much of Bradley and he did not produce the offensive numbers that they needed…so let him go and move on. You say that and then Fukudome (all though a totally different player all together) has managed to work through his struggles at the plate. Bradley seems to still have some pop when he manages to hit the ball. The problem is that he can very seldom hit the ball in the clutch and there is less patience with him because the Cubs need him to produce like yesterday. The Tigers may have had enough of Ordonez…together he and Bradley will be a nice “fit” for the Tigers.

It’s a shame. I guess we’re not getting out of one of Hendry’s bigger offseason blunders that easily after all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes THE NEXT Cubs GM to get out of ANY of Hendry’s blunders, being quite a few of them.
If he should manage to pull off a trade to unload Soriano’s next 5 years of “hops & drops” that would be his crowning acheivment and at that only because he signed him to a ridiculously bad deal to begin with. Then you have the even bigger blunder of Bradley and the lesser of his blunders in Fukodome. Only Fukodome’s defense and hustle saved Hendry from looking like a total court jester.
Then there are blunders you can’t get out of like trading Marquis for….oh yeah, VIZCAINO, Wouldn’t Marquis look good NOW with first Dempster and now Lilly on the DL? Not to Hendry, he didn’nt think we needed any insurance for starting pitching or the infield (see DeRosa). Hendry was hell-bent on freeing up payroll to get more left handed at ANY COST and he screwed up big time with Bradley (who has always been a better RIGHT HANDED hitter anyway!) It’s only a stroke of luck for Hendry that Wells and now Hart are doing a fine job as fill-ins. Let’s face it, there was no way Hendry was RELYING on them as part of his “plan”. I’m just hoping he has at least the presence of mind to NOW see the talent in some of his young players like Wells, Hart, FULD(!), Fox etc. to somehow get them involved and not go out and get more free-agents that have more downside than upside. Soriano AND OR Bradley traded back to the American League DH roles EVERYBODY (but Hendry) knows is their only postion? We can only dream…

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