7/27 Trade winds

With the trade deadline approaching, the Cubs are on the lookout for left-handed pitching for the bullpen. Sean Marshall is Lou Piniella’s only option.

Two names that are believed to be on the Cubs’ radar, according to the Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald, are Washington’s Joe Beimel and Pittsburgh’s John Grabow. Left-handed hitters are batting .233 off Beimel, while Grabow has fared better against right-handed hitters, holding them to a .243 average. 

The Pirates were expected to listen to offers for Grabow, who will be a free agent after this season. Pittsburgh has made no attempt to sign him to an extension at any point. The Pirates are in the market for for prospects, specifically middle infielders who are near Major League ready.

Piniella is consulted on moves, but leaves the wheeling and dealing to GM Jim Hendry. When told that the Cubs players feel they don’t need to make a deal, Piniella said: “That’s Jim’s department. He always likes to do something if he can at the trading deadline. I know he’s been talking to quite a few teams but that’s his area. I get paid to manage.”

— Carrie Muskat


I would love to see the Cubs pick up a guy like Freddy Sanchez or Mark Teahen to sure up second base. I think it could be a key move for the Cubs to add some offensive production at that position.

I would love to see the Cubs pick up a guy like Freddy Sanchez or Mark Teahen. I think it would be a key move especially to get some offensive production out of the second base position.

I agree completley, any deal with the Pirates for Grabow or Beimel should include Sanchez, we’ll see what Hendry’s made of. If he deals for only one of the pitchers mentioned I would not call that a significant upgrade just a needed tweak. Let’s hope he doesn’t over pay for a left handed reliever. As far as Sanchez, THAT’S the type of player you sign to an 8 year contract (not Soriano). If Hendry gives up Fox, Hoffpauir or even Andres Blanco for either pitcher that’s giving up too much. At this point I’d rather see Fontenot go in a trade than Blanco. Neither gives you great offense but Blanco can field much better than Fontenot. But as us fans are told quite often by the media,
it’s not easy being a GM!! Right, it’s so difficult being a GM the position is very hard to fill, HA! I trust Hendry less and less as his tenure increases. Whatever happened to the Hendry that fleeced the Pirates for Ramirez and Lofton?
He must have hit a panic button because he lost his edge.

As long as the Cubs don’t lose more than one player of their young talent (Fuld Fox Wells Hoffpauir Vitters Castro) for Sanchez or Teahen. I’d call that a victory.

Also why they didn’t sign Lugo who, so far, has been a very productive second baseman for the Cardinals, I still don’t understand. They could have gotten him cheep.

Right, for Sanchez that would be fine, in fact we could package a few prospects for him, I meant if Hendry gave up Fox, Hoffpauir or Blanco for Beimel or Grabow alone then that would not be a victory.

Was Lugo a free agent? If so, I don’t get why Hendry didn’t sign him like he signed BJ Ryan??? Maybe St. Louis traded for him?

I know St. Louis got him very cheep. Boston was on the verge of releasing him. so far he’s put up some excellent numbers for the Cardinals.

Well, I guess you can add him to the list of players the Cubs didn’t need along with Nigel Morgan & Nate McClouth.
But with excellent defensive players like Soriano and Bradley
not to mention Soriano’s EXCELLENT lead-off and base stealing skills and Bradley’s AWESOME left handed production, Fukodome’s much heralded coming of the next
Ichuro….signed to long term, no-trade contracts…who needs guys that can actually hit for average, get on base, steal a base and oh…CATCH A BALL.

Seems like thats just the way it goes as a cub fan sometimes, but I still love ’em.

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