7/28 Front row seats

Alfonso Soriano treated his family to front row seats at Wrigley Field for Monday’s game, and they got quite a show as he hit a game-winning grand slam in the 13th inning against the Astros. Soriano’s daughter, who turns 6 in September, had been bugging her dad about wanting to sit close to the field.

“I think I picked the perfect day,” Soriano said.

He waved to them after hitting the home run, and was not gesturing toward the Astros bench as some have suggested. Some of the Houston players even stopped by pregame to say hello to Soriano’s contingent, which included his wife, four children, his wife’s sister and two cousins. He didn’t get a players discount and said it was expensive to buy the seats.

“I could do it once a week — maybe,” Soriano said.

Before he goes to the ballpark, his daughter asks him every day if he will hit a home run and if they can sit in the front row. He took care of both on Monday.

Since moving from leadoff to the sixth spot in the Cubs’ order, Soriano was batting .361. He’s hitting .405 during his current nine-game hitting streak.

“Now I’m batting sixth and I can help the team with a lot of RBIs,” Soriano said. “I want to stay healthy, and that’s more important. If [Lou Piniella] wants to put me batting leadoff again, it’s not a problem. If he wants to keep me sixth, it’s not a problem either.”

He’s not going to catch Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson as far as leadoff homers this way.

“I don’t steal as many bases either,” Soriano said. “I think [Piniella] put me sixth because he can use my power and have more RBIs.”

Batting lower in the order does give him a chance to watch the pitchers working the other right-handers in the lineup, such as Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee.

“When I go to home plate, I have an idea as to how he might want to pitch me now,” Soriano said. “When I batted leadoff, I had to figure it out on my own.”

Told that Piniella is leaning toward staying with this lineup for the rest of the year, Soriano smiled.

“We see next year,” Soriano said.

— Carrie Muskat


“‘I could do it once a week — maybe,’ Soriano said.”

OMG, r u kidding me? This is the guy who must be worth 10’s of millions of dollars and he says he cant afford like 8 front row seats? What an A**hole.

“I don’t steal as many bases either,” Soriano said.

WOW, this must be another news flash to Hendry.
We all knew TWO YEARS AGO he didn’t steal as many bases,
catch as many fly balls, hustle as much into the corner aftter base hits, take bad pitches at the plate….let’s throw such a “compete ballplayer” an EIGHT YEAR CONTRACT FOR OVER 130 MIL!! But I’ll give Hendry kudos for his shrewdness and hard line negotiating skills….No ticket discount for you Soriano! Take it or leave it. O.K. Mr. Hendry, you drive a hard bargain but I guess I’ll take the ridiculous offer you have on the table vs. uh…uh…NO COMPETING OFFERS.

“”‘I could do it once a week — maybe,’ Soriano said.”

OMG, r u kidding me? This is the guy who must be worth 10’s of millions of dollars and he says he cant afford like 8 front row seats? What an A**hole. ”

You don’t know how much money he spends on other things, needs, and especially bills. No matter how much or little people make, some people push their spending habits to the max of their income, making it hard to afford extra things sometimes. Just an ignorant statement with jealousy written all over it.

I didn’t get the “jealousy” from that statement, I thought the point was that Soriano didn’t need (or shouldn’t) have brought up the fact that it was expensive to buy the seats. I think zambrano648 was just pointing out the fact that Soriano lacks tactfullness when speaking to the public via the media. I’m sure a lot of people spend beyond their means and wind up in trouble, but it would have to be more difficult for somebody making Soriano’s money to do so? Maybe? Who knows, 2 sides to every story. Doesn’t change the fact he does have an inflated contract and certainly isn’t in the category of a complete, top of the line player desrving that contract, not his fault he accepted what the market would bear. The sad thing is the market was the one and ONLY Hendry, same is true about Bradley’s contract. There is no way during this trading deadline that there should be ANY TALK of needing another, more, different or better left handed hitter(s) if Hendry was a smarter GM.

g_14c-6700@yahoo.com you must be either Soriano…or Hendry with goofy comments like that.

Doesn’t he realize it’s his salary which makes the ticket prices so high? Yet, still he says he could “only” afford this once a week. Once a week? Never in my lifetime, could I afford one of those seats.

What’s happened?

Does anyone remember the days when Wrigley opened its gates after the 7th inning to let the neighborhood fans in for free?

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