7/28 Tuesday trade winds

GM Jim Hendry has been busy talking to other teams, but wasn’t sure if the Cubs will add any players by Friday’s trade deadline. The team should get a “new” player when catcher Geovany Soto returns from his oblique injury sometime in early August. Soto was taking batting practice and expected to get into a game this week. Ted Lilly also will rejoin the team in mid August.

The Cubs could use some left-hand help in the bullpen. Sean Marshall is the only southpaw.

“I have no idea if we’ll do anything by Friday,” Hendry said.

The Cubs players have said they feel all the pieces are in place. Hendry appreciated that they feel they’re good enough to three-peat in the NL Central.

“I think they know how we do our business,” Hendry said. “If we find something by Friday, that’s what we’ll do.”

Some long-rumored deals are never consumated. And, Hendry said he’s completed transactions with Oakland GM Billy Beane in five, 10 minutes. Who knows?

“I think some of the best trades we’ve made, I’ve put the least amount of time into them,” Hendry said.

— Carrie Muskat 


Add a second baseman please!!!

Mark DeRosa please???

“new” player in Soto??? That remains to be seen as he was not at his best before he was DL’d. Although he was recently showing signs of improving at the plate, I would not be counting on him to return to being an impact player just yet. Hendry should concentrate on a solid second baseman admitting he screwed up with the “DeRosa salary dump to get Bradley” debacle….oops, too late for Freddy Sanchez, he was just dealt to the Giants. Phillies, Giants, Cardinals… a few teams with significant upgrades that the Cubs would probably fall to in the playoffs. Please, baseball gods, let this be Hendry’s last year.

Mark Teahen. Perfect guy. A UTIL guy like DeRo and having an excellent season. great guy to get right now

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