7/29 Lineup & roster move

The Cubs needed a fresh arm for the bullpen and called up right-hander Mitch Atkins on Wednesday, sending Jeff Stevens to Triple-A Iowa. Atkins got a wake-up phone call at 5 a.m. and caught a flight out of Omaha to get to Chicago in time.

The lineup vs. lefty Mike Hampton will be:

CF Johnson

SS Theriot

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

RF Bradley

LF Soriano

2B Baker

C Hill

P Wells

— Carrie Muskat



I was at the game today and suprised to see that Stevens had been sent down. Why? I thought he pitched really well.
Although Atkins did a great job.

Also, any news on trades for the Cubbies???

I don’t think we’ll see any trades at all. If Hendry couldn’t get DeRosa back because he would have cost a few million, I think his hands are tied now. Some minor deal for some inexpensive help is possible, but we won’t see anything like what the Phillies pulled off this afternoon.

I’d like to see a second baseman along the lines of Mark Teahen or a reliever such as Sherril. I understand these deals are unlikely considering there have been no rumors or anything. But I’d ;ike to see Hendry get a deal like this done. Even though it will probably be for a Grabow or Biemel.

I’m tired of hearing how Hendry’s hands are tied because of payroll budget or the new ownership transition. Hendry’s hands are tied for one reason only and that being HE handed out some god-awful contracts to free agents like Soriano, Fukodome and Bradley. Only of which Fukodome has a chance of being SOMEWHAT productive but certainly would not be considered a great signing by any means.
And Bradley? He is putting up “Jason Dubois” type of numbers (or worse) but costing the team about 9.6 million more than any triple A ball player.

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