7/31 Wheeling and dealing

Lou Piniella says he wasn’t disappointed the Cubs didn’t add another player by Friday’s trade deadline. GM Jim Hendry apparently talked to a few clubs about acquiring someone who could play three, four positions, a Mark DeRosa-type player. But the Cubs wanted that someone to hit left-handed.

“Jim tried,” Piniella said. “Our ownership group would’ve okayed a deal. I’m not talking about a big salary player, but a nice productive, usable, versatile player — that’s what we were looking for more than anything else.”

Instead, the Cubs found help from the left side for the pitching staff with the deal Thursday for John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny.

“Am I disappointed? No,” Piniella said about no further transactions. “We need to continue to play and swing the bats and stay healthy. Talk about healthy, we’ve still got three key people on the disabled list. We have a starting pitcher who made the All-Star team [Ted Lilly], we have our No. 1 catcher [Geovany Soto], and our fourth outfielder [Reed Johnson]. We’re not healthy.”

— Carrie Muskat


Is there any way to keep the name Mark DeRosa out of any wheeling/dealing blogs? It’s like twisting the hilt of the dagger in our broken hearts.

BTW, can Bradley hit left-handed or does he just take walks better from that side? Was that a wheel or a deal? And he sure can’t play his position – between him and Sorry-ano, we really need someone VERY fast in center field. Let’s see Fuld, Johnson and Fukodome together out there for a while – please?

Mark DeRosa.
It may be the only way to remind whoever eventaully CAN fire Hendry to do exactly that, FIRE HIM.
Mark DeRosa.

Lou must have been asleep as usual last night. The game is on the line and he puts in Jeff Baker to pitch hit. As much s I am not a Soriano fan, what was he doing on the bench? Baker does not even belong in the majors. Great bench Jim Hendry has put together, and by the way, Mark DeRosa hit his 20th home run last night. The other teams made trades and got great players, Lee to the Philadelphia, etc. Other teams have a minor league system that produces players other teams covet. We draft Tyler Colvin who still is in Class A. Surgery or not, he was a waste of a pick. For any Cubs fans who may care, the Cubs released two of their #1 draft choices this year, one was Mark Pawelek who was drafted in 2005 when the Cubs could have had Bowden, the kid in the Red Sox system that is from Aurora who everyone says is awesome. Great job Hendry and Mr. Wilken the minor league director. We need new scouts and a new GM!

Mickeyg, your comment is music to my ears.
I, like many Cubs’ fans do know about our failed draft picks.
Good to see it mentioned in this blog. I know how you feel about Lou using baker BUT…now think about this…considering our position in the standings and the TERRIBLE job Hendry did so far this season we may need to cut Lou some slack and even consider him a genius. I mean he’s dealing with a horrible defensive left fielder that shows no consistency or discipline at the plate, Soriano either carries this team for a week at a time or buries this team with his awful hitting approach and terrible defense. Lou has yet again a revoving door in center field with Fukodome doing an adequate job but he isn’t supposed to be there, he should be in rigt field but Hendry SCREWED UP FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE SEASON with another lame attempt at filling right field and he got somebody WORSE THAN FUKODOME. Second base is the black hole created when Hendry, in an INCREDABLY INEPT attempt at getting “more left handed” traded the one who shall not be mentioned…oh the heck with it…MARK DEROSA, we can only hope by keeping that stupid trade in all our comments that it can somehow work magically and get Hendry fired, like a voodoo doll?!! And the bench? Koyie Hill is starting his what? 2, 599th consecutive game as catcher while we wait for a miracle recovery of epic proportions for Soto because Hendry has NO CATCHER that is worth being called up for a few weeks even??? And worse would be if we do have one but Hendry doesn’t CHOOSE to call him up.
It’s the oddest thing that Hendry is even considered by anybody to be a good GM. He’s gotta go.

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