8/1 Not your grandfather's Cubs …

This is the third straight year the Cubs enter August within a game of first place. It’s the first time the team has been either in first or a game within first in three consecutive years since 1935 (second place, 1/2 game back), 1936 (first place) and ’37 (first place). That’s 70 plus years.

Other end of July tidbits:

* The 18-9 record in July was second best in the NL, trailing only the Phillies (20-7).

* The Cubs outscored their opponents by 36 runs in July. They totaled 36 homers and a .468 slugging percentage, both tops in the NL.

* Randy Wells finished the month 5-1 with a 3.23 ERA. In the last 80 years, only two other Cubs rookies have won five games in a calendar month. Elias Sports Bureau reports Hank Wyse won five in July 1943, and Bob Chipman won five in July 1944.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, you should be ashamed of yourself trying to put a positive spin on this disaster of a team- especially the day after Hendry let Peavy go to the White Sox for minor leaguers after letting Sanchez go to the Giants the same way. If we win this weak division- ho hum- we’ll be swept in the first round of the playoffs once again,

When Hendry is fired and a serious attempt is made to build a team capable of actually going somewhere in October, I’ll care again. Not until.

hendry should have been fired years ago./

You tell her r_e_waters!! Hendry has got to be up for the “first to worst” GM of the year award! That’s what a lot of the “powers that be” do…spin. It’s ridiculous. I think only Bob Brenly has enough (Steve) STONES to call it like it is when he sees horrendous play from Gregg, Soriano and Bradley. How about Brenly for GM? Is ANYBODY responsable for Hendry? Can’t SOMEBODY for the love all that’s holy fire this guy so we can start building a qualtiy ALL AROUND fundamentally solid club? Geeeeeeeeeeez! Who out there would have been fired by now from YOURE job if you performed so poorly? Most of us probably. What a cush arrangement Hendry has. I never thought anybody would make Ed Lynch…look GOOD. (O.K. that might have been a little overboard on my part).

Oh, did DeRosa hit his 20th homerun already? Hmm, who would have thought THAT? Oh yes, EVERYBODY Jim!!

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