8/2 Lineup

Aramis Ramirez said he expected to be back in the Cubs lineup on Monday but not Sunday. He was hit on the left forearm by a pitch in the 10th inning Saturday night and had to leave the game. Jake Fox is starting at third.

CF Fuld

SS Theriot

1B Lee

3B Fox

RF Hoffpauir

LF Soriano

2B Fontenot

C Hill

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


Kevin Gregg should never see the field again!!!!! I don’t know if there is a more worthless closer in the majors , I’m checking the stats. I hope that his proctologist can find his talent while removing his head from his behind because it is obvious to everyone that this guy can’t pitch. Please, please, please do what you can in order to prevent him from every playing again.

This is another guy Hendry targeted, mis-evaluted and signed. Pathetic. I know it’s not easy to come up with alternatives but with Hendry WASTING all his payroll on the likes of Soriano, Bradley, Gregg, Miles etc. we have no chance of putting some low-cost home grown talent at EVERY DAY POSITIONS (Fox, Fuld, Hoffpauir…?) and putting the BIG MONEY in the key roles like set-up men and closers.
Until Hendry is gone and his replacement can un-do and mop up the crap he left behind the Cubs will no way be able to compete with the Cardinals, Dodgers or Phillies not to mention the ALWAYS competitive Marlins. Lou is doing just about as good a job as anybody considering how Hendry decimated this team. He gets credit for two consecutive division championships…why? Because he got lucky with the likes of Edmonds and Johnson??? Good picks up last year sure, but in now way should Hendry be considered a good GM for picking up guys that were SO AVAILABLE. It’s the gusy AND SHREWED GM’s that spend their employer’s money wisely while at the same time accumulating BOTH DEFENSIVELY AND OFFENSIVELY talented players. Hendry discards defense and goes for the pricey “prima donna, high profile” free agents so he “make a splash” in the baseball world while competant GM’s see the value in the likes of Ibanez, Morgan, McClouth, Abreu, Sherrill, Danks, Floyd etc…. Hendry, PLEASE RESIGN, PLEASE. It won’t help us this year but we need somebody to take over NOW to help right this ship. The signing of Gregg, Miles, Heillman, Bradley, Soriano, Baker and the losing of Marquis, DeRosa, Wuertz would be enough to get ANY GM fired. Hendry must have something on somebody to keep his job I guess.

How can the Cubs have a closer with a lifetime E.R.A. that is over 4.00? Gregg is not a closer, and not a reliable reliever at any point of the game. Picking him up was a huge mistake. The loss of Jason Marquis and Mark DeRosa have also created holes in the team that have not nearly been patched. Bradley and Soriano are both performing way below their capabilities, and are chasing the Dave Kingman strikeout records. The fix? Maybe some kind of experimental brain washing… OK, Alphonso, repeat after me- hit the ball, hit the ball, hit the ball…

Earlier in the season the Braves started making moves to bolster their line-up. They got McClouth who has done NOTHING BUT TEAR THE COVER OFF THE BALL, they put Prado at second and shipped Kelly Johnson to the minros even though he’s like a son to Bobby Cox. They traded Francouer and Kotchman and released TOM GLAVINE. Chipper Jones said in an interview that there were “just guys who were OUTS in the line-up.” You could have penciled them in as OUTS.

Well, Chip, we know how you feel and wish to hell Hendry would fix it. We keep waiting or the three run homers and they aren’t coming. You can’t keep running Kevin Gregg out there unless you have a 10 run lead. Even that would make me nervous after the first two guys walk.

Yeah, it’s a long season, but it’s gettin’ shorter and arms and bodies are withering. We need to dump the “outs” in the line-up.

Not only the outs but dump the GM as well.
I’ve mentioned McClouth going to the Braves before as well as Nigel Morgan going to the Nationals. Two young and talented CENTER FIELDERS…geez, who needed a centerfielder? THE CUBS. But no, Hendry goes out and fills a hole WE NEVER HAD until he created it by forcing Fukodome to center just to accommodate “the best free agent available” in BADley and at the same time letting DeRosa go. PlUS, if he would ever pay attention to HIS OWN FRIGGIN’ SYSTEM he would have called up Fuld to BEGIN THE SEASON, leaving Fukodome in right field where he belongs and DeRosa at second (and available to spell Ramirez and rest Fukodome against tough lefties) where he belongs AND at the same time NOT increasing the payroll.
All this just by putting a little faith in Fuld. What a bumbling GM this guy is when he shows ZERO confidence and ruesults in his own minor leagues. He was probably on the verge of overlooking Theriot a few years ago and only by the shear luck and keen eye of Pinella do we have at least one home grown postion player. (I’m not counting Soto until
he can put back to back years together like Theriot did).
Other smart GM’s (Cards, Tigers, Dodgers, White Sox, Red Sox…) waited into the season to get a much broader aspect on how to fill their needs and did just that by smartly TRADING for the right players instead of blowing there load BEFORE the season on prima donna free agents like Hendry has a track record of doing. That’s the sign of a panick stricken GM, creating his own competition in the free agent market.

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