8/2 Minor update

David Patton, pitching for Double-A Tennessee, had to leave his outing Saturday after three innings when he aggravated a groin injury. Patton, on the DL since July 6, had given up one run on two hits and struck out four over three innings. He apparently re-injured himself warming up for the fourth inning, and was pulled. Tennessee won, 4-1, over Carolina.

* Left-handed reliever B.J. Ryan, whom the Cubs signed to a Minor League deal, struck out two in one inning for Triple-A Iowa in a 14-0 win over New Orleans.

— Carrie Muskat


After today’s bitter loss to the Marlins who cares what these two are doing in the minors? If they can come up and close for the Cubs then that will be worth talking about, until then what’s the difference who Hendry signs, where they’re sent, what minor league team they’re on…BAD is BAD.

Cub fans, when is Pinella going to wake up and change closers? This guy Gregg has blown a handful of saves. If he had converted only two of these, the Cubs would have a commanding lead over the Cardinals in the loss column. Going with Gregg only seems to guarantee extra inning affairs or losses in close games by giving up back to back dingers in the bottom of the ninth.

Let’s all hope that Pinella wakes up tomorrow, realizes that there are less than two months left in the regular season, and looks around the bullpen for a new closer. At this stage in the season, the Cubs cannot afford to give back games, which is what Gregg has done the past two days (Lee bailed him out last night). The Cubs recently traded for several relievers, and if Pinella is not convinced that Marmol is ready for the closer role, he ought to let one of the new guys give it a try and at least let them close until blowing back to back saves.

Kevin Gregg is no closer. Ten home runs in 49 innings is pathetic. He couldn’t close a door without giving up runs. The Cubs ought to see about getting Aardsma from the Mariners who are in a selling mode. If they don’t do something, they will not get in the playoffs. The ought to replace Bradley in right too.

I couldn’t agree more with all of you!! Lou needs to put Guzman or call up of Ryan from AAA to close and put Gregg in a set-up role. Personally I like Guzman. He has been the most consistent out of the pen this year. I would say Marmol, but with the control issues i’ll pass and wait on Marmol next year in that spot.

Aardsma? DeRosa? Nah! We don’t need any quality RIGHT HANDED players when the likes of COTTS, BRADLEY and MILES are available. Way to go Hendry. Gregg really turned out to be SUCH AN UPGRADE OVER WOOD and we all know that Cotts is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over Aardsma and then of course you have the combined AWESOME offensive production from “DL Miles” and “Cry Baby Bradley”
or is that Hitton Badley? Or Misson Sadly. Great job by Hendry, it’s almost enough (I said ALMOST, now cut me some slack) to root for the Cards just to shove it to Hendry.

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