8/3 Gregg has "tired arm;" Marmol to close Monday

If Kevin Gregg was asked, he would pitch Monday night. But Lou Piniella wants to give the Cubs closer a couple days off because of a tired arm. Gregg blew consecutive save opportunities Saturday and Sunday against the Marlins.

“I think we’ll give him a little time off tonight,” Piniella said prior to Monday’s game. “Hopefully, we can give him some time off tonight and tomorrow. He has a little bit of a tired arm. There’s no pain in any particular area but just achy. What I’m going to do is talk to him and if that’s the case, we can stay away from him. We’ve got to know it.”

Gregg was credited with the win Saturday as the Cubs rallied in the 10th for the win. Piniella checked with the closer before Sunday’s game, and again in the sixth before calling on Gregg for the ninth. The Marlins hit back to back homers off the right-hander for the 3-2 walkoff win.

“Closers take a lot of responsibility and they feel, and rightfully so, they can pitch through anything,” Piniella said. “Sometimes you have to be a little more realistic.”

Carlos Marmol would sub as the closer Monday.

Piniella was still recovering from Sunday’s loss.

“I dont know if I got my breath from that finish from yesterday,” he said. “The first [home run] took the air out of me and the second one, I needed a tank to get from the dugout to the clubhouse. That’s the quickest ending I’ve ever seen. That was good morning, good afternoon, good night. Unbelievable.”

The bullpen is a little overworked after the starters totaled 14 out of 28 innings vs. the Marlins. Will Carlos Zambrano be in the pen to help out?

“I haven’t talked to the ‘Z-man’ yet,” Piniella said.

The answer is probably no.

— Carrie Muskat


Hopefully the Cubs can get healthy and stay that way for the duration..work Lily back into the lineup; the lefties Grabow and Gorzo were a nice addition and if this division can wind up as a two horse race between the Cubs and the Redbirds then I think the Cubs have the better pitching and should win the division. Go Cubs!

You would have thought Gregg’s arm would have been tired
after his terrible performance on SATURDAY, no it takes two back to back homers to lose on Sunday, THEN he has a “tired arm”. Too much coincedence. One of Lou’s rare blunders was bringing in Gregg on Sunday after almost blowing the game on Saturday against his former team which knew very well how and what he pitches. Lou should have let Gregg “escape” Florida by not trotting him out on Sunday. I don’t buy getting “back on the horse” right away,
not against a team that knows you too well. I do believe the Cubs starting rotation is and will continue to be much better than the Cards’ but our bullpen and the improved offense of the Cards (DeRosa, Holliday, Lugo) might be too much to overcome. The blame squarley on Hendry’s shoulders

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